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Key Facts

Official Name: Republic of Uzbekistan

Capital City: Tashkent

Official Languages: Uzbek

Religion: Muslim, Eastern Orthodox

Currency: Soum (UZS)

Time Zone: GMT + 5 hours

Country Domain: .uz

Country Tel Code: 998

Moving to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country which has recently undergone massive changes in its economic and political system. It is the richest of the five Central Asian republics that broke free of Soviet rule in 1991, and the uzbeks have been busy reforming their country ever since.

Recent census results show that Uzbekistan citizens number approximately 27 million; it has a high birth rate and an unusually large youth representation; approximately half of the people in Uzbekistan are under age 25. The population is 80% uzbek. Russian, tajik, kazakh and tatar groups make up the rest of the nation’s ethnic background.

Everyday life in Uzbekistan is characterised by the country's increasing access to modern luxuries. Although many outdoor markets still exist, supermarket grocery stores are being introduced, mostly at the demand of an increasing expatriate population. For a nation that has become independent only within the last decade, the local scene has changed dramatically.


The Republic of Uzbekistan is a temporal democratic republic with a president, who is the head of state. The People’s Democratic Party is composed of the former members of the Communist Party. The uzbek government is currently undergoing reform to change its political system from a one party republic to a government with a multiparty system.


Uzbekistan is currently a cash-only economy. Credit cards and traveler's cheques are not accepted other than at few major banks and hotels. It is advisable to carry cash and not rely on other monetary forms.


Since there is the potential for administrative obstacles when expatriates try to buy a home in Uzbekistan, almost all foreign residents rent. However, renting is not authorised by the government, so home-seekers need to deal directly with the owner. Rents are generally inflated for expatriates, but you will find that, even at these higher rates, living in the best neighborhoods in Tashkent is quite affordable.


Amongst the private schools in Uzbekistan, there are two providing international education -- the Tashkent International School and the Tashkent Ulugbek International School. Both schools conducted classes in English, but there are also Russian language courses available. They are also equipped with sports facilities, English as a Second Language (ESL) programmes and a variety of extracurricular activities. Classes are small, headed by an international staff, the majority of the teachers being native uzbeks. These coed, nonprofit institutions charge a yearly tuition fee for enrollment.

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Santa Fe offers Visa and Immigration services for Uzbekistan and countries around the world. For further information, please contact your local Santa Fe office.

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Manager: Natalia Plokhotnikova

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