Company history

The origin of Santa Fe Relocation starts in 1884, when Captain H.N. Andersen established Andersen & Co. in Bangkok, Thailand. In 1897, H.N. Andersen & Co. founded the East Asiatic Company (EAC) and listed it on the stock exchange in Denmark. EAC became a major shipping, trading and industry conglomerate with offices located all over the world. EAC acquired Santa Fe in 1988, forming the beginning of a dedicated moving and relocation business. In 2011, Santa Fe acquired Wridgways, founded in Australia in 1892.

In 2012, Santa Fe then acquired Interdean, the European leader in moving and relocation, to form the basis of Santa Fe’s EMEA operation and our global headquarters for relocation management. EAC consolidated the businesses under a single, global Santa Fe brand and sold the business to Santa Fe Intressenter AB, a privately held Sweden-based company, in September 2019.

Our proud history which consists of over 130 years of experience can be summarised as follows;


The first office opened in Australia in 1892 under the Wridgways brand name providing moving services.  Today our Australian business offers full global mobility and workplace services covering the Pacific region. Wridgways was acquired by Santa Fe in 2011 and rebranded to Santa Fe in 2014, and subsequently sold out of Santa Fe Group ultimo 2018, when it again was rebranded to Wridgeways.

Europe, Middle East & Africa

The first European office was established in Germany in 1959 under the Interdean brand and is now the largest employee relocation and workplace services company within the EMEA region.  We were the first company to provide relocation services in the former USSR and have continued to pioneer throughout the region providing full coverage of western, central and eastern Europe. Our offices also cover the Middle East and Africa. Interdean was acquired by Santa Fe in 2012 and rebranded to Santa Fe in 2015.


The first Asian office was opened in Hong Kong in 1980 under the Santa Fe brand and we quickly grew to become the largest employee relocation and workplace services company covering all of Asia.  We were the first international relocation company to open in China and we now have more offices across China than our nearest competitors.

North and South America

We have been relocating families to and from the United States and for over 50 years.  The service center in Houston was launched in 2012 overseeing a full range of global mobility services to Santa Fe’s multinational clients involving US, Canada and Latin American locations.

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