Santa Fe Relocation’s Smart Tech

Our end-to-end relocation management technology is designed specifically to support our HR clients and their relocating employees.

Our system is reliable, fast, configurable, secure and unites the experience of clients, their relocating employees, Approved Partners, and Santa Fe internal management through an end-to-end, real-time information platform.

Santa Fe’s platform provides detailed, flexible, real-time reporting capabilities. Reports can be downloaded in real-time by your department or scheduled to send to you at set times. The portal offers visual, intuitive reporting online but also generates reports in various formats for further analysis and sharing.

High-level features – at a glance

  • Modern, fast, intuitive, visual user experience
  • Web-based for worldwide access
  • Real-time information
  • Mobile/smartphone ready
  • Permissions-based for different access levels
  • Communicate with Santa Fe – raise concerns, ask questions.

HR/Global Mobility client experience

  • Online initiations
  • User tracking

The relocating employee experience 

  • Automated reminders
  • Service status tracking
  • Online chat
  • Self-service

Log into the portal at any time to quickly access information about where your relocating employees are, service quality and service status. Access to our system is secure and granted to individual users based on permissions that restrict access to designated information.

HR/Global Mobility can:

  • Make initiations from anywhere.
  • Leverage comprehensive, flexible reporting features.
  • Drill down to detailed individual assignee status.
  • Log in securely from anywhere via the web.
  • Communicate with Santa Fe – raise concerns, ask questions.

Relocating employees can track their relocation, digitally submit and retrieve documents as well as contact a relocation consultant from a mobile phone.

Relocating employees can:

  • Track progress of their relocation or service, with a timeline view.
  • Upload documents, such as passports.
  • Ask questions and report issues directly to our team from the portal.
  • Update their own information.
  • Access important documents from a complete archive of their relocation including packing inventories, insurance details and policy documents.
  • Can log in securely from anywhere via the web.
  • Rate our service, to enable us to maintain our unrivalled quality

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