Brexit relocation services, from Santa Fe Relocation

With the 31st October looming, and uncertainty in the air, we’re here to help you navigate international relocation during Brexit.

If your company needs to move employees or has assignees in the UK or EU, our Brexit relocation services are built to make the process easy.


Immediate Impact Assessment

Our full assessment of all assignees living in the UK and EU gives your company information and reassurance of the status of employees during this uncertain period. We can provide additional reporting, as well as support on new requirements and regulations affecting your company structure and processes. Alongside the initial reporting, we offer continued updates as the United Kingdom exits the European Union.


UK Swift customs clearance service

The new freight regulations post Brexit will require EU countries to follow the same process as non-EU countries. This means that assignees will have to apply for Transfer of Residence from HMRC, providing them with a Unique Reference Number (URN) when moving freight goods. Only once we have this URN can we process the customs clearance and the goods be VAT and duty free.

Without the URN shipments will be subject to VAT and import/export duties, and any goods held up by customs during the process will incur storage/rental costs from the applicable port of entry. We suggest that wait times (and storage fees) of up to 8 weeks per shipment should be expected during the Brexit disruption period.

To avoid delay and high costs to our customers, Santa Fe Relocation have become an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF), or ‘customs bonded warehouse’. This means that shipments can bypass port clearance and will be stored in our secure London warehouse until we receive the URN, avoiding demurrage fees and giving our clients and assignees peace of mind. This service is available to both organisations and individuals, so if you’re moving to the UK in the coming months get in touch to see how we can help.


EU Residency Workshop

Our EU Residency Workshop is specifically designed to support your organisation during the Brexit process. Focussed on the employee status of EU nationals post 31st October, we show how you as an employer can support your employees through correct residency status applications.

Our immigration consultants visit your office and assist your employees with making the most appropriate residence application. There is also the option to include an employee briefing session as part of the day.

For more information about our EU residency workshop, see our blog or get in touch.


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