Message from Martin Thaysen

CEO of Santa Fe Group

Welcome to the world of Santa Fe Relocation!

We have offices worldwide providing global mobility services to international businesses with expatriate employees and relocation services to individuals who are on the move.

I am an expatriate myself and have relocated with my family.  As a business, many of our employees are expatriates too and many of our staff have held positions within HR or Global Mobility teams.  All of this means we have a unique understanding of what is most important to you, and we design and deliver our services with you in mind.

As CEO I am always keen to hear about your experience of the services we provide. So I do encourage you to let me know what you think about our services and ways we can make our company even better!

While we care about our customers we also care for the planet and the local communities that we serve. That is why as a company we have signed up to the UN Global Compact and we run a range of our Respect programmes to support a variety of local community projects around the world. I am really proud of our efforts in this regard and I think it truly shows the spirit of our company and culture.

Thank you for visiting our web site, if you would like more information about our company or the services we provide, then please do not hesitate to contact us using the link below.

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