Moving to Argentina

Argentina: the home of tango, polo, Malbec wine and Che Guevara! This vast and varied country – the 8th largest in the world – has so much to offer in terms of history and culture.

Although firmly rooted in tradition, it is also a progressive and cosmopolitan country with high-quality services and education available, most prominently in the vibrant capital.

Occupying the large majority of the southern cone of South America, Argentina has a diverse landscape which boasts rainforests, mountain ranges, salt lakes, glaciers, over 3,000 miles of coastline and, of course, bustling urban cities – so you are sure to find a backdrop you like when moving to Argentina. Buenos Aires is an important international centre with a long history of receiving expatriates, making it a true melting pot of languages, cultures and religions where everyone is welcome.

Finding accommodation

Buenos Aires is a fantastic city to live in, with a lot of residential housing available. The city is made up of a variety of different neighbourhoods, all with their own character and advantages. In the central barrios you will be more likely to live in an apartment, and will benefit from an easy walk or cycle into the main downtown areas. In some of the more suburban barrios, much larger, colonial-style housing can be found, even boasting swimming pools and gardens.

Although the official currency is the peso, American dollars are often asked for in cash, especially for property rental and purchase.


Argentina has an excellent education system, with state-run schools offering free schooling.

Schools are split into pre-primary, primary and secondary education, with students choosing a specialisation towards the end of their secondary time. There are also many international schools, mainly concentrated in Buenos Aires, so you can choose to study in your native tongue, or English.

There are both public and private universities in Argentina. The University of Buenos Aires has produced five Nobel Prize winners and provides free education for students from around the globe.


Argentina is hugely influenced by European culture and Buenos Aires is often called ‘the Paris of South America’. It has a thriving arts, theatre and literature scene, with plenty to see, do and get involved in.

The Argentinians are proud and passionate people who are equally warm and interesting. There is never ‘too little time’ to stop for a chat, a coffee, or a long lunch to catch up with friends and make the most of the excellent work-life balance on offer.

Good to know

Lying south of the equator, Argentina has opposite seasons to those of the northern hemisphere; the ideal setting to enjoy a famous Argentinian asado (otherwise known as ‘barbecue’) for your Christmas lunch!

Buenos Aires is a great city for bikes and has over 130km of cycle lanes as well as a free cycle scheme, Eco-Bici.

The official language is Spanish, with many dialects and there has also been a large Italian influence on the language.

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