Are you moving to Australia?

Whether you’ve already begun the process or are just dreaming of a new home in the sun, a move to Australia is a real adventure we can help you with. The sunshine, mountains and incredible coastline attract hundreds of thousands every year looking to relocate and live in Australia.

A land of contrasts, Australia is sometimes called the ‘Island continent’ as it is considered both the world’s smallest continent and largest island. Known for being home to some of the world’s most fascinating and dangerous creatures, as well as its unique geographical history. Australia’s land and sea makes it one of the world’s mega diverse nations, possessing very high rates of endemic flora and fauna and the most reptile species on the planet.

Unlike its flora and fauna, almost 30% of Australia’s current population was born overseas. With most immigrants arriving in Australia from neighbouring New Zealand, it’s becoming an increasingly popular destination for those from Asia and the Middle East. It is also the 3rd most popular destination for international students.


Australia: the highlights and culture

Australia is extremely multicultural with influences from native civilizations, British colonisation, and immigration from Asia. English is Australia’s national language, but with 28% of the population born overseas, there are over 300 languages spoken across the continent.

The Australian people have been described as optimistic and casual, and most live in coastal cities, while almost completely uninhabited desert takes up most of the land mass’s centre. Permanent residents enjoy surfing, exploring the outback and experiencing the unique indigenous cultures as part of everyday life here. And enjoy a good barbecue on the beach or in a national park. Many expats are drawn to the relaxed culture, the outdoor living and the beautiful weather.

Australia has a national 37-hour work week, although overtime is common. Shop hours vary according to state regulations, shop owner discretion and bank holidays. There are seven national holidays including common Christian holidays, but also Australia Day which celebrates the nation’s founding, and Anzac Day which commemorates all Australian and New Zealand armed forces who lost their lives in battle.

Australian cuisine features native seafood and vegetables/fruit, barbecues, mutton/lamb, and Chinese food among many others. Wine is the most popular alcoholic beverage, and the drinking age is 18 with identification required to purchase it. In restaurants, tipping is optional.


Finding accommodation in Australia

There’s a real mix of real estate available across Australia: what works for you and what is available will depend on the area you are moving to. From relaxed beachside homes, modern luxe apartments, to sprawling mansion homes and ranches, Australia has it all.

Rental homes are available through both private landlords and agencies. Whether a real estate agent is required may depend on your situation or location, but they are often recommended to make the process easier. Because Australia’s population is so urban-centric, many people live in apartments or condominiums in cities. But a common dream is to have a house with a yard and space for a good barbecue with friends and family.

Many expats look for a property with a pool, so they can enjoy the incredible weather and spend more time outdoors, but these homes are highly sought after and come at a premium. Why not consider an apartment complex with shared pool facilities: all the fun of your own pool, but none of the maintenance as that’s taken care by the home owners association and maintenance team.

If you need help finding your dream home in Australia, let one of our Home Search Experts help. We take the time and stress out of house hunting, finding your dream home for you.


Family life and education in Australia

Public and private education is offered throughout Australia, and international schools are primarily located in and around the major cities. International school curricula vary greatly, ranging from Australian and International Baccalaureate, to those of other countries including Japan, U. S., Germany and France.

International and private school fees vary widely, but the cost of living in Australia is high so it’s important to get as much information about this as possible before you move. Full and partial scholarships and other forms of financial aid are often available, but applications for bursaries and grants often have strict application deadlines.

Primary school goes from around ages 6 to 13. In Australia, secondary schools are either called high schools or secondary colleges and are for ages 13 to 15-17 depending on the location.You should contact the school of your choice directly regarding enrolment, recognised qualifications and the possibility of fees for international students, language needs or special needs well in advance of moving.

Australia is also exceptionally popular with university students, with hundreds of thousands of foreign students choosing to emigrate to Australia for school each year. There are world class higher education institutions across the country.

If you’re looking to move to Australia with your family, let us take care of your ‘to-do’ list. Our School Search Experts not only find the schools in your new area that match your family’s needs but walk you through the application process too. It’s just another way we use our local expertise to make your move easier.


Working in Australia

There are a variety of options for those of us looking to move to Australia for work. Whether you are looking to find a job in a large multinational, get a transfer with your current employer, or try something new, Australia’s excellent economy has bolstered the job market.

The mass immigration of skilled migrants has bolstered the country’s economy, in turn making more jobs and allowing for more migration. Australia broke the global record for economic growth in 2017, having gone 26 years without a recession. It was the only advanced economy to avoid the recessions of the late 2000s and early 2010s.

For all work in Australia you will need the appropriate visa from the australian government. There are specific visa’s for long term and short-term relocation and immigration, specialised work visas for those willing to undertake agricultural work, travel and work visas lasting 12 months, skilled migration, for eco-related industries and for those looking to become permanent residents. There are even specialised working holiday visas, which often come with requirements for agricultural work.

Many people emigrate because of a job in Australia which requires an employer to sponsor the candidate through the application process. The employer will also be required to offer temporary or permanent visas as well as benefits such as health insurance. For those seeking long term residency change, it is also possible to apply for Australian citizenship under specific circumstances. We are experts in visa application. If you’re looking to move, why not see how our migration agents can help you with the visa application process.


How can we help with your move to Australia?

We are the local and international moving company that specialises in moves to Australia.

We have specialist services, like our bank account partnership with Commonwealth Bank Australia, to make your move easy. And all the knowledge to help you with every aspect of packing, storage, shipping and relocating. Whether you are moving to or within Australia, we’re here to help.

At Santa Fe Relocation, we make moving home easy for you.

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