How can Santa Fe Relocation help with your move to Cambridge?

We have been creating effortless moving journeys for over 120 years, coordinating with a global network of 96 offices across 47 countries. Alongside our carefully vetted partners, we work as a dedicated team to create seamless relocation experiences, either to Cambridge or to locations around the world. If you’re wondering how much a Cambridge removal might cost, why not fill in our free quote form? Get in touch with our team today for information on how else our Cambridge movers can help your relocation.

Cambridge moving services

At Santa Fe Relocation, we know just how daunting the process of moving home can be. Because of this, we have created a comprehensive selection of moving services for you to choose from. We believe that being able to tailor your move is a great step towards removing some of the hassle. Many of our services can be personalised according to your requests, including our convenient temporary housing service. It is designed to find you a short-term stay based on your own preferences; even a temporary home should fit your expectations. Also, it is a great way to save on costly hotels!

If you’re moving to Cambridge from outside the UK, our area orientation is an ideal solution to any fears you might have about moving to a new country. One of our professional tour guides will help give you a clear and concise picture of what life is like in Cambridge. From a tour of the best cultural hotspots, to a proper look at the local schools, area orientation is designed to make any move abroad as seamless as possible.

For your peace of mind, we can also offer a range of shipment protection plans. With one, your possessions, right down to the smallest details, are guaranteed against the unexpected. However rare it may be, sometimes things go wrong even with the best transportation practices in place.


Cambridge highlights

  • Home to one of the oldest and best known universities in the world
  • Very high quality of life
  • Stunning examples of British architecture
  • Within easy commuting distance of London
  • Heaps of green spaces and meandering rivers to explore

Cambridge history

Cambridge is undoubtedly a part of Britain seeped in some of its most iconic history. Evidence suggests human habitation well into the realms of prehistory, but the earliest concrete example of settlement is the remains of a 3,500-year-old farmstead. Like much of Britain in the early 1st millennium, Cambridge was dominated by the Romans. They built a series of fortifications in the area and encouraged the growth of nearby villages, all of which contributed taxes and labour to the might of Roman bureaucracy.

After the Roman’s departure from Britain, Cambridge fell into the hands of the invading Anglo-Saxons. They built on top of existing Roman structures on Castle Hill, calling the settlement Grantebrycge (Granta-bridge), which by the advent of Middle English had become ‘Cambridge’. In 1209, students escaping hostile townspeople in Oxford started the now world famous Cambridge University, an institution that remains to this day.

Cambridge reflected many other towns and cities in Britain during the Industrial Revolution, with its population and trade blossoming. During the Second World War, it was also a highly important part of Britain’s overall defence of its southern coasts, with many areas converted to accommodate R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) training centres. Cambridge escaped the worst of the German bombing raids and kept all of its historic buildings. After the war, Cambridge gained its city charter despite not having a cathedral.


Living in Cambridge

With its traditional buildings, busy cultural calendar and exceptional education centres, Cambridge suits a wide range of people. Families, working professionals and students alike can carve out their own slice of this ancient city with ease. Generally speaking, the population of Cambridge is pretty diverse as a result of its popularity with international students. There are loads of families here too, who like to ‘put down roots’ and raise their children alongside one of the many fantastic primary and secondary schools.

Nightlife in Cambridge is decent, with a blend of student and family friendly establishments to choose from. You can choose between one of the many quaint pubs for example, or go for a proper night out in a club, which are usually closer to the city centre. As for transport in Cambridge, prepare to use the public buses more than a car because parking space is pretty limited.


Where to live in Cambridge

Many people commuting to London choose to live in Cambridge to avoid the high costs and limited space of the capital city. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider moving to an area close to Cambridge’s main rail station (such as the eponymous Station Road). Or if you’re moving to Cambridge with a family (or with the intention of starting one), choosing a home close to a school is your best bet. Cambridge has plenty of leafy suburbs to choose from, Newnham being a great example. If you have a bit of cash to spare, then De Freville is where it’s at (many houses there often reach over £1 million). Round Church Street is a perfect location for people looking to live near the city centre and its easy access to Cambridge’s key hotspots make it a popular choice.

Whatever you need for your Cambridge removals, we have the expertise to make it a reality. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one-stop moving service. We make moving home easy for you.

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