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We’ve been creating seamless moving journeys for over 120 years now, utilising our industry expertise to facilitate relocations to countries across the globe. In collaboration with our vetted partners, we ensure that your precious household items are packed, shipped, delivered and unpacked with the utmost care and consideration. Whether you’re moving to Edinburgh from somewhere else in the UK, or from abroad, our friendly team will always go above and beyond to make it as stress free as possible. Get information on Edinburgh moves by contacting us today on +44 (0)208 963 2513, or by sending an email to:


Edinburgh moving services

Our moving services are designed with unrivalled quality in mind. Take our orientation service for example; it is a great chance for people moving to Edinburgh from abroad to get an understanding of the city. We will connect you with a professional tour guide who will show you the best cultural landmarks, local amenities as well as produce a list of suitable properties. Speaking of, we also provide an excellent home finding service that helps you find a property that works for you. We take your personal preferences into consideration to produce a selection of homes for you to choose from. Find out how much your move to Edinburgh might cost with our free quote form.


Edinburgh highlights:

  • The fascinating Edinburgh Castle
  • Incredible shopping opportunities along the Royal Mile
  • High employment rate and standard of living
  • Beautiful architecture

Edinburgh history

The area surrounding what is now modern day Edinburgh has been inhabited for thousands of years, but the site of the city wasn’t an established location until the Romans arrived. They built a powerful fort to keep an eye on the marauding natives at bay; the remains of which can still be seen in modern times. When they left, a Celtic tribe built a hillfort known as Din Eidyn. This tribe was eventually taken over by the invading Saxons and the newly established Kingdom of Northumbria. They added the Old English suffix ‘burh’ (Saxon for fort) to Eidyn and the origins of the modern word ‘Edinburgh’ was born.

Nordic raids effectively cut Northumbria off from the rest of England, weakening the region significantly. However, roughly a hundred years after the most substantial period of Nordic raids in British history, Edinburgh was ceded to the Kingdom of Scotland. Throughout the medieval age, Edinburgh went back and forth between English and Scottish control, before settling as a purely Scottish city towards the beginning of the Scottish Reformation. Edinburgh in the 18th century was an interesting city based on eclectic living conditions; lords, nobles and tradesmen often resided within the same apartments. It is thought this blend of different social classes might have ignited the flames of the Scottish Enlightenment.


Living in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has all the qualities you’d come to expect from a city leading in numerous aspects; culture, quality of living, amenities etc. Generally speaking, it is slightly more expensive than many other cities in Europe, although still considerably cheaper than London. If you’re not a big fan of public transport, you’ll be pleased to learn that much of Edinburgh’s top attractions and amenities are within walking distance of each other. Edinburgh still has a great network of buses and a newly integrated tram network that provides convenient links across the city.

The people of Edinburgh are well known for their welcoming attitude to any and all newcomers to the city. This might be a shock for people moving to Edinburgh from London, who are probably a little too used to being shoved around on the underground!


Where to live in Edinburgh

With a large variety of neighbourhoods and districts catering to all sorts of tastes, Edinburgh has always been ideal for individuals, young couples and families alike. Leafy neighbourhoods rub shoulders with cosmopolitan brilliance, and if you want a slice of genuine tranquillity then Edinburgh has the answers.

Village atmosphere

Stockbridge truly is a unique quality with its bustling farmer’s market, spectacular attractions and bohemian atmosphere. People moving here can expect a laid back vibe characterised by a wonderful café culture and a dedication to traditional pubs. In fact, some of Edinburgh’s best watering holes can be found along the cobbled, winding streets of this affluent suburb. Don’t miss the astonishing array of rare plants available at the Royal Botanical Gardens, an institution of international importance.

Seaside and history

Imagine blustery walks along the breathtaking Scottish coast, followed by a soul-warming coffee overlooking fishing boats on the horizon. That is Cramond in a nutshell and it is a fantastic destination for people looking to raise a family. The seaside area isn’t only suited for this though, with plenty of working professionals choosing to settle here and make the short commute (around 35-40 minutes) into the city.

Urban living

If you want to experience the best of Edinburgh’s electric city centre, Morningside might be the place for you. It is just about far enough from the true city centre, however, with it being only 15 minutes away by bus it is close enough to reach without hassle. There are tons of sleek, modern flats to choose from, as well as spacious detached houses for families. Speaking of, Morningside features some of Edinburgh’s best rated primary and secondary schools.

Whatever you need for the perfect Edinburgh move, our friendly team will work to find a solution. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one stop moving company. We make moving home easy for you.

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