How can Santa Fe Relocation help my move to Glasgow?

Moving home is always a daunting experience, whether you’re a new house hunter or a seasoned property veteran. That is why we believe in making your relocation as seamless as possible and we offer exceptional moving services to make it a reality. Coordinating with a global network of 96 offices in 47 countries, we have been creating successful moving journeys for over 120 years. Get more information on how we can help your move to Glasgow by contacting us on +44 (0)208 963 2513, or by sending us an email to:


Glasgow moving services

Effortless relocations are made possible through moving services of unrivalled quality. We provide a range for you to choose from, with the option to tailor many of our services to your personal preferences. Take our area orientation service for example; with it you can you get a professional, custom tour of wherever it is you are thinking of moving to. All you need to do is simply let one of our friendly move coordinators know exactly what you need. Whether that’s great local amenities, proximity to schools, or access to the best cultural hotspots, our tour guides have the expertise to give you a comprehensive picture.

We also offer a range of storage and shipping solutions for your convenience. Our storage options for example, are designed in a way that means you only ever pay for the space you use. We offer this because we know that people often overestimate the space they need, usually paying over the odds. Storage solutions should be exactly that, a solution. Get an accurate storage quote here, or find out how much your move might cost overall with our free moving quote form.


Glasgow highlights

  • Very affordable
  • Electric nightlife with a plethora of bars, restaurants and clubs
  • Vibrant choice of places to live
  • Great art and music scene
  • Glasgow airport is easily reachable

Glasgow history

Despite apparently being founded by Saint Mungo in the 6th century, archaeological evidence suggest people have been living in the area surrounding Glasgow for millennia. The Romans themselves built outposts here, which was because they wanted to further separate themselves from the Celtic and Pictish people of Caledonia (the Roman word for what we consider to be Scotland today).

Over the centuries, Glasgow gained a reputation for cured salmon and herring, which the city exported to Europe and the Mediterranean. In the 17th century, the city’s economy diversified to include sugar, tobacco, cotton and linen trade, with the products adding substantial fortunes to Glasgow. The advent of the British Empire added further wealth, before the Industrial Revolution transformed Glasgow into an important hub of shipbuilding, engineering, textiles and chemical production.

The 20th century’s early years saw Glasgow suffer as a result of the Great Depression. This prompted significant political movements of Glaswegians disillusioned by their city’s decline. In the years after WW2, the economy did pick up but was again damaged in the 1960s by the growth of industry overseas. Recognising the need for change, Glasgow embarked on ambitious regeneration projects that have seen it transform into one of the UK’s most exciting cities to live in.


Living in Glasgow

If there’s one thing Glaswegians are, it is a very proud people. Don’t let this put you off moving to Glasgow though, because deep down they are among Britain’s most welcoming. It should be added too, that the Glaswegian accent does have a tendency to come off as abrasive. Learn to embrace the many quirks of this iconic dialect and you’ll soon realise “gaun yersel” isn’t the verbal attack you thought it was!

For Glasgow’s best dining hotspots, your best bet is the West End, where much of the city’s top eateries are concentrated. Everything from freshly caught seafood, to places offering contemporary twists on Scottish classics like haggis can be found throughout the West End’s vibrant streets. A must-visit attraction for anyone is the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, with its vast collection of arms and armour (one of the finest in the world), artefacts and natural history.


Where to live in Glasgow

One of Glasgow’s great advantages to other, larger cities is that most places can be reached on its one subway network. This network runs in a circle and generally speaking, most places in Glasgow are no more than twenty minutes away on the subway. What this means is that you can afford to be a lot pickier with where you want to live, because wherever that may be you can be sure it isn’t too far away from anything else. Of course there are budget considerations, but Glasgow on a whole is cheaper than many other UK cities (it has ranked among the most affordable cities to live in the UK for a few years now).

The West End

Glasgow’s West End has increased in popularity over the years, thanks to its excellent cultural attractions and rich variety of entertainment. Its heart is represented by Hillhead, a desirable neighbourhood popular with students, families and working professionals alike. Prices tend to be higher than much of Glasgow, though the area’s array of independent shops, green spaces and proximity to fantastic schools make the extra cost worth it.

Close to nature

Bearsden has few genuine competitors when it comes to overall quality of life. Features such as Kilmardinny Loch Nature Reserve highlight Bearsden’s appeal as one of Glasgow’s most charming suburbs, as do the exceptional primary schools and golf courses. Like the West End, prices are higher than the rest of Glasgow, so take this into consideration when searching for a property in Bearsden.

Great for raising a family

If you’re moving to Glasgow with a family, or looking to start one there, you can’t do much better than Scotstoun. Houses are cheaper overall than some of the more affluent areas, with an average price of around £169,000, which makes it much easier to get a property with enough space to raise children. The area boasts a few of Glasgow’s best primary schools and the nearby Victoria Park is the perfect place to bring the kids to on the weekend.

Wherever you’re moving to in Glasgow, our team has the expertise to make it happen. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one stop moving company. We make moving easy for you.

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