How can Santa Fe Relocation help my move to Liverpool?

Through our talented move coordinators, we have been helping people move for over 120 years. We use moving services of unrivalled quality to create seamless moving journeys, to Liverpool and across the world. In collaboration with our global network, we combine the knowledge of our local offices with our international reach to make relocations as seamless as possible. Find out how we can help your move to Liverpool by contacting us on +44 (0)208 963 2513, or by sending us an email to:


Liverpool moving services

However we help, our aim is always to make your move as simple as it can be. Take our home video survey for example; with it you can eliminate the need for a surveyor to come to your house. All you need to do is use your phone to conduct a ‘virtual survey’, which our expert surveyors will use to ensure nothing goes missing. We always take the utmost care and consideration when it comes to looking after your belongings.

How else can we help guarantee your household items? We provide effortless storage solutions, meaning we can take care of your possessions during the daunting process of moving home. If you’re moving to Liverpool from a different country, we also offer convenient shipping solutions and shipment protection. Sometimes the unexpected happens and having cover for your items is a great way to put your mind at ease.


Liverpool highlights

  • Fantastic transportation links
  • Cost-effective living
  • Heaps of fascinating history
  • Plentiful job opportunities
  • Home of The Beatles

Liverpool history

Although the area was inhabited by Romans and Vikings in Britain’s early history, Liverpool wasn’t established as a town until around 1207. It was established as a new borough by King John, under the name ‘Livpul’, with the settlement remaining relatively small throughout the Middle Ages. In fact, by the halfway point of the 16th century, Liverpool’s population had fallen to around 600 people.

Liverpool experienced its first genuine boom amidst the controversial rise of transatlantic trade, which saw the town rapidly develop and grow into an important UK city. Through the shipment of slaves, cloth, coal and salt to the Americas and West Indies, Liverpool expanded immensely. Vast wealth poured into the city and it began to rival other significant centres for finance, including both Bristol and London.

The 18th century was a time for ballooning populations across many UK cities, with Liverpool’s numbers shooting up from 6,000 to 80,000. It continued to flourish during the Industrial Revolution and large influxes of Irish immigrants helped shape much of Liverpool’s culture. 19th century Liverpool continued to show exceptional growth in the amount of people moving there, although the Second World War devastated large areas of housing. Culture in Liverpool after the war blossomed to introduce the world to iconic movements, such as the Merseybeat sound. Nowadays, music acts such as The Beatles are synonymous with the global idea of Liverpool and this legacy survives today.


Living in Liverpool

Liverpool is a diverse city filled with vibrant neighbourhoods, cultural attractions and fantastic dining opportunities. Iconic landmarks include the Cavern Club (legendary Beatles venue), Anfield (home to Liverpool FC) and the World Museum (vast collection of antiques dating back to Ancient Egypt). Speaking of The Beatles, you can easily book a tour to see some of the areas of Liverpool that inspired their music. Tours to the homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney are usually included in the tours, though it’s best to double check!

For a quality day out, be sure to visit the Royal Albert Dock. It was once the focal point for commercial shipping in the city, before falling into disuse in the 1920’s, but has since regenerated into a thriving hub of restaurants, entertainment, cafés and bars. There are plenty of green spaces to explore too, such as Sefton Park and Calderstones Park (the latter contains a spectacular Japanese garden just begging to be explored).


Where to live in Liverpool

Deciding where to live in Liverpool depends on your status as a buyer. Is this your first time on the housing market or are you a seasoned property veteran looking for a larger home? Liverpool has excellent options across the whole of the city, whatever it is you’re searching for.

Great for raising a family

People moving to Liverpool with a family could consider the suburbs of Allerton (which incidentally includes Penny Lane of Beatles fame). There are plenty of leafy streets to live on and a wide variety of spacious homes to choose. If you wondering about the nearby schools, Allerton is in close proximity to some of the city’s best, including a few with outstanding Ofsted ratings.

Lively atmosphere

Getting a place near the Ropewalks means joining what is probably Liverpool’s most bohemian area. Anyone with a love for eclectic, quirky culture will feel right at home here and it’s impossible to walk far without seeing a vintage boutique or a unique café. Music is particularly important here too, with multiple independent record shops available and popular venues. With a generous student population, nightlife in the Ropewalks is constantly buzzing, meaning you’ll always have something to do.

Metropolitan dream

Similar to the Ropewalks, the Baltic Triangle is characterised by an abundance of independent start-ups, bars and live music venues. It is more suitable for people of all ages though, with a calmer approach to nightlife and dining. You can definitely still have wild nights out on the town, but there is a larger share of quaint pubs/restaurants offering calmer experiences!

Whatever you need for the perfect move to Liverpool, our experts will work to find a solution. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one stop moving company. We make moving home easy for you.

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