Moving to Knightsbridge

The affluent and coveted area of Knightsbridge has long been synonymous with style, class and the high life. Boasting some of London’s most expensive real estate, some of the country’s best schools and myriad Michelin starred restaurants and designer boutiques, this is where London residents enjoy the finer things in life.

Running along the leafy backdrop of Hyde Park, Knightsbridge is home to families and professionals as well as foreign dignitaries, royal family members and celebrities. Famed for being the home of luxury department stores and offering vast Victorian homes, the luxurious lifestyle afforded here is the envy of many who live in the capital. And with close proximity to some of the capitals most beloved attractions (Royal Albert Hall and the Science Museums to name just two) residents here are never short of things to do.


The history of Knightsbridge

Beginning history as a hamlet nestled between Kensington and Chelsea during Saxon times, Knightsbridge has transformed to the exclusive affluent enclave of today. In fact, in the thirteen-hundreds the area was known as a disreputable area, home to mostly pubs with bad roads and frequented by undesirables.

The area, as it’s known and recognised today, has really only been in existence since the 19th century. After the 1790 Knightsbridge Paving Act was enacted, resulting in the terrible roads being improved, the area became desirable thanks to the improved transport links. It was then that the land began to be bought up on mass, ready to be developed into the beautiful Victorian homes and world-famous department stores we see today.

Knightsbridge: the highlights and culture

The culture of the area is entrenched in the luxurious lifestyles of its residents. From spending days shopping in the designer boutiques of Sloane Street, lunching in Harrods or dining at a Michelin starred restaurant, the culture here is one of opulence.

Residents here also enjoy the green space: from walks to Hyde Park, to the leafy streets of the area, the open areas and tranquillity amongst the chaos of the capital is part of its enduring charm.

If you’re considering a move to Knightsbridge but aren’t familiar with the area, why not take a personalised tour with a local expert? Getting to know your new area before you move is critical to a successful relocation, and we’re here to help.


Things to do in Knightsbridge

Our local expert tells us their favourite things to do in Knightsbridge:
• Shop, shop, shop! From the beautiful floors of Harrods of Brompton Road, to the designer boutiques and flagship stores of Sloane Street, Knightsbridge is the natural home of luxury shopping in the capital.
• Walks in Hyde Park – the leafy calm of the park is a serene escape from the commotion of the city. And the walk through the picturesque streets of Knightsbridge to the park are just as special.
• Enjoy afternoon tea at one of the many upmarket hotels. With a wealth of 5-star hotels serving the lavish English lunch within such opulent settings, it would be a shame not to indulge!
• Treat yourself to a Michelin starred meal at one of the many acclaimed restaurants in the area. No matter where you choose to dine, enjoying a world-renowned meal from a top chef in the beautiful and impressive settings is the perfect way to spend a Knightsbridge evening.


Where to live in Knightsbridge

There’s no denying it, property prices here are some of the most expensive in London. Both purchasing and renting costs more than most other areas of the capital. The majority homes for sale are in the multiple millions price bracket, and rental prices are several thousand pounds a month, ranging up to the tens of thousands a month depending on size. But this is the cost of living amongst royalty, in the beauty and luxury of the area.

Homes here are either super luxe modern apartments, larger Victorian and Edwardian terraced homes or mansion homes. The luxury apartments are fitted with all modern conveniences: concierge, valet, gyms and spas etc. The red brick terraced homes are laid out into garden squares, with a beautifully kept gated garden in the centre of them all. For the most prestigious and beautiful example, take a walk around the Cadogan Estate.


Family life and education in Knightsbridge

While the area is popular with families, almost all of the schools here are fee paying. The strong reputation of the independent schools attracts families to the area, especially those keen to get their children into the salubrious Knightsbridge School.

Almost all of the schools in the area have a rigorous application process, including face to face interviews and extensive paper applications. If you’re looking to move to Knightsbridge with your family and want help with the school finding process, let us help. Our School search service makes moving home with children easy.

Travel information

Knightsbridge offers good transport links to the rest of the capital by tube, bus and road. The area is within great commuter distance of the city, taking just 25 minutes by tube to both The City and Canary Wharf. It is just 20 minutes by tube to Westminster and 35 minutes to Shoreditch.

Many Knightsbridge residents choose to drive despite London’s formidable traffic, with good access roads to the rest of the capital. It’s important to be aware that Knightsbridge drivers are subject to the London congestion charge, although residents do pay a reduced charge fee.


How can we help with your Knightsbridge move?

With over 120 years’ experience moving people all over the world, and a dedicated UK Office in London, we have the knowledge and expertise to make your move easy.

Whether you know when you’re moving to Knightsbridge or are looking for more information about a move to London, get in touch. Our dedicated move specialists are here to take care of every part of your move.


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