Why choose Santa Fe Relocation for your Manchester removal?

When it comes to Manchester removals, we know moving better than most. In fact, our global team has been helping people relocate for over 120 years. It’s never a case of just moving though, which is why we provide an extensive range of services to make your journey as seamless as possible. We believe in providing complete moving experiences of unrivalled quality, as well as highly effective storage solutions. So if you need effective house movers in Manchester, Santa Fe Relocation is the moving company for you. For more information on what we can offer, give our talented team a call today on +44 (0)208 963 251.


Manchester highlights

  • Diverse cuisine, including the famous ‘Curry Mile’
  • World-renowned music scene
  • Legendary sporting attractions, such as Old Trafford
  • Fascinating architecture blending industrial past with modern design
  • Rich and varied culture

Manchester history

Although evidence of pre-historical settlement exists, what we now know as Manchester today began with a Roman fort called Mamucium. This Roman moniker was a Latinisation of an original Celtic name, ‘mamma’, which itself was a reference to a local river goddess (possibly connected to the River Medlock). After Roman rule, the location became a contested area between the recently settled Saxons and the invading Vikings.

In medieval times, Manchester grew into a market town and gained a reputation for high quality cloth production. This focus on textiles continued into the 16th century, where residents of the growing population produced magnificent items for the various churches and manors. Despite this success, Manchester remained a relatively small town until the advent of the world-changing Industrial Revolution. Factories sprung up and thousands of workers moved to take advantage of the new job opportunities. With the introduction of the world’s first steam powered passenger railway, Manchester arrived as one of the world’s most important cities.


What makes Manchester special?

Manchester has always been a place of acceptance and this is apparent in its diverse populations coming from all walks of life. When the industrial revolution began to draw in travellers from around the world, Manchester saw a huge influx of migrants of varying backgrounds. Notably it’s Jewish population, which today numbers around 40,000 and is by far the largest Jewish community outside of London. This spirit of acceptance is abundant and anyone moving to Manchester can expect a warm welcome regardless of where they come from.

To see this community spirit in action, head down to Manchester’s famous Gay Village, a lively area dotted with clubs, pubs and bars. Few places compare to this exciting street on the weekend, though if you want something a little quieter, consider visiting Piccadilly Gardens for some craft beers and stylish cocktails. Days out can be spent visiting the excellent Manchester museum, which contains a huge selection of artefacts, fossils and other interesting things to see. If you’re a football fan, few sporting attractions compare to a tour around the iconic Old Trafford stadium, otherwise known as the ‘Theatre of Dreams’. And if you’re worried Manchester doesn’t cater to art lovers, visit the Manchester Art Gallery to see its European masters, Pre-Raphaelite works and fine selection of contemporary pieces.


Living in Manchester

Manchester, despite boasting many of the same qualities as London, is significantly cheaper than the capital. You can get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of properties, with the average price for a house in Manchester being around £200,000. The cost of living is much more affordable too, with everything from milk to a basic lunch being lower than London’s high prices.


Where to live in Manchester?

Manchester offers a huge variety in its myriad districts, catering to people looking for a fast-paced urban home, or a quaint suburb with plenty of green space. Everything in between can be found as well, with many previously industrial areas joining the regeneration craze. Don’t be surprised to find luxury penthouses in former factories.  

Whether you’re moving to Manchester, or from, we can help make your journey as stress free as possible. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one-stop moving company. We get you from home, to new home and beyond.

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