Moving to Wales

Wales is its own country and the capital of the country is Cardiff. Attached to the southwest border of Great Britain, the country forms part of the United Kingdom.

Moving to Wales offers an outdoors lifestyle, with all the amenities and attractions of being in close proximity to large metropolitan cities. So you can enjoy city life, rural adventures and stunning coastline all at once. There are over 150 beaches in Wales: great for spotting Whales, seals, puffins, basking sharks and birds regularly spotted along the Welsh coastline. And did you know that 26% of the country of Wales is a national park or area of outstanding beauty? Making Wales literally one of the most stunning places in the UK.

Wales also benefits from a much lower cost of living than the UK average, so you can be sure of more expendable income with which to explore. The 3.2 million strong population is dispersed between highly populated and lively cities and towns, and the quiet rural towns and villages. Where ever you live in Wales though, you’re outnumbered 3 to 1 by sheep.


Welsh history

The ‘Land of song’ is littered with over 600 castles: it is actually the castle capital of Europe. Wales is also home to no fewer than 6 world heritage sites. This historic country has a rich and interesting history and relationship with the rest of the UK. It now is a country in its own right, with its own historic language, its own government and international sports teams. However, it remains closely linked to the rest of the UK.

The country also boasts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Castles and Town walls of King Edward I in Gwynedd, Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, and the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape.


Wales: highlights and the Welsh culture

With so many beaches and the beautiful valleys to explore, much of what makes life in Wales so great is found by exploring the great outdoors. Wales is famous for being a sporting location, with locals and visitors enjoying rugby, mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering and surfing across the country.

The Welsh are a very patriotic nation: you’ll be hard pressed to go anywhere without spotting the Red Dragon or Welsh flag displayed with pride, and Rugby is less a sport here and more a way of life. And for the adventure seekers, nothing can top a hike to the top of Mt. Snowdon’s icy peaks.

With its own language and national holidays, there is a unique and separate identity in Wales compared to the rest of the UK. For those moving to the country, it’s these historical differences, sense of national pride, and warm culture that make a move to Wales so rewarding.


Things to do in Wales

With so much to take in, it can be hard to know where to start exploring after a move to Wales. So, at Santa Fe, we’ve put together our shortlist of best bits for the new Welsh resident:
• Walk all (or part of) the 870-mile-long All Wales Coastal Path. Wales is the only country in the world to have a continuous trail that spans the entire coastline.
• Take in the world’s largest Elvis appreciation festival in Portcawl.
• Visit one of the Country’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites (we’d really recommend all three!).
• Catch a rugby game: ideally the national team, preferably live. But any game, in any pub, home, or sporting venue will do.
• Enjoy an evening out in Cardiff – take in the nightlife and explore the huge selection of cafés, restaurants and bars the city has to offer.
• Take a walk around Snowdonia National Park, you could even try your hand at scaling the 1085 meters of Mount Snowdon.

Making a house a home can take time and work, that’s why our comprehensive removals and moving specialists have the services you need to make the moving experience easy and stress free. Whether you need storage between moves, help finding your dream home, or even a guided tour of the area before the move, at Santa Fe we’re here to make your move easy.


Where to live in Wales

Before you move to Wales, it’s important to understand the kind of lifestyle you are looking for in your new location. Wales has a very large selection for those seeking either a peaceful rural or busy urban new life. Whilst the average detached house price across Wales is a very competitive £288,000 (accurate as of March 2019), prices fluctuate greatly depending on location.

Here’s our ‘Santa Fe Favourite’ places to relocate to in Wales:
• Cardiff – the lively capital city attracts new movers as well as tourists every year, holds a third of the entire Welsh population, and offers good job opportunities.
• Llandrindod Wells – this is a well-known town with a rich history offering Victorian and Art Deco architecture and a lively pace of life.
• Llandudno – is the largest traditional seaside town in Wales, with a good beach, a mix of housing options, and a Victorian Fair.
• Newport – this city is just a 10-minute walk from one side to the other, and offers good history, music, and sports culture. There are also very competitive house prices available here.
• Wrexham – the largest town in North Wales boasts great transport links by road and a wealth of history.

Did you know that at Santa Fe, we offer additional personalised services that can help you choose your new location, find your perfect home, and get you settled in? If you’re struggling with where in Wales you want to live, one of our area orientation specialists can take away all the stress of the search.


Education in Wales

There are 22 council area across Wales, all of which have their own primary and secondary schools that could be perfect for your family. In fact, there are over 1500 schools in Wales.

English is the primary language in almost all schools in Wales, but children studying here will benefit from the Welsh language lessons in all schools. Education is compulsory across Wales until the age of 16. For those considering higher education, the country is home to 8 impressive universities including the University of Wales, Cardiff University, Swansea University, and Bangor University.

If your family would benefit from help choosing and applying to the right schools for you, our school search experts are here to help. At Santa Fe, we make moving home easy for you.


Wales: Travel information

Most of Wales is supported by strong transport links, but due to the nature of rural locations some spots will be a little harder to travel to/from.

The M4 motorway connects South Wales with West London, with the route passing through Newport, Swansea and the Welsh capital of Cardiff. The country is also well connected to the north of England via the A55.

Travel by rail is reliable and frequent in and out of Wales. Cardiff Central is Wales’ busiest rail station, with services that run direct to London Paddington and the rest of the UK, as well as to domestic stations within Wales itself.

For international and UK flights, Cardiff Airport is only 12 miles from Cardiff. From here you can fly to Europe, Africa and North American.


How can Santa Fe Relocation help your move to Wales?

We are experts at what we do. And we make sure that you are supported at every stage of the moving process, to make it smooth and enjoyable. We don’t just pack, move and unpack your belongings. Your dedicated move co-ordinator can arrange a local area orientation which can help inform your house search (which we can also help with). We can help connect you with the right schools, with storage and advice, even a handyman to make sure everything in your new property is perfect.

At Santa Fe, we make moving home easy for you. So why not get a free moving quote and see how we can improve your move.

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