Solo moving

Moving to a new city or country alone is a potentially difficult thing to do. Unless you have a support network (nearby family or friends), chances are you’ll be arranging some aspects of the move by yourself. Whilst the added control can be good, it does mean you’re less equipped to cope if something goes wrong. Learning how to move to a new home alone is essential to making your journey an enjoyable one, so why not check out our solo moving tips? We’ve put together a guide of the essential things you should do and prepare for:

Understand your new home

If you can, try to visit the local area surrounding your potential future home. This will give you a clearer picture of what it’s like to live there, as well as helping you make the right decision. If you’re moving abroad alone, our area orientation service is an ideal solution. With it, one of our professional tour guides will create a bespoke itinerary based on your personal needs. They can show you around the best local amenities and cultural attractions. Perhaps you want to experience life in a  new destination without paying over the odds for a hotel? Our home finding service can connect you with properties based on your personal preferences. We believe even a short-term stay should feel like a home. For more information on our services, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Get a moving in date

Find out the exact date of your move, either from the landlord or the property owner. This way, you have a clearly defined deadline for your move that you can plan around.

Sort out packing

One of the most difficult parts about moving alone is the prospect of packing all by yourself. If you’re moving to a new country, it can be even more daunting, as you probably won’t have people there to help you unpack. If you need it, we can provide professional packing and unpacking services. If you want to pack everything by yourself however, we recommend starting as early as you can, whether this is weeks or months before your move. Prioritise packing the non-essential items; basically anything you don’t need for day-to-day life. The more you can pack in the early stages of moving, the less you’ll have to worry about later.

Think about packing on a room by room basis, as it makes it clearer and easier to spot items you’ve potentially missed. We also recommend creating an inventory, so that you can have something to refer to when packing, as well as identify any missing items. Take a peek at our moving checklist for more tips on making your move a carefree one.


When packing, you might want to consider singling out items you no longer need. You can either choose to sell or donate them, though the latter option is a great way to make your move feel more meaningful. Decluttering has the added bonus of helping to clear your mind during the complicated process of moving home.

Utilities and employment

This might sound surprising, but so many people move to new places without securing a job or arranging their utilities. The latter is particularly common, which leaves countless movers spending the first night in their new home shivering and without internet. We suggest getting your utilities sorted either before the move, or on the moving in date. It can add some additional stress on moving day, with numerous people running around as you unpack, however it is worth it. For your convenience, we can provide a handyman service to help with things such as putting a TV on a wall, or moving and arranging furniture.

As for employment, ideally you should have a job secured well before you move to a new place. In the event you don’t, it is imperative you have the means to live without income whilst your search for work.

Say your goodbyes

Moving away from friends and family is never easy, which makes it important for you to say goodbye properly. Think about organising a farewell party, or even just a quiet meal. Remember it isn’t goodbye forever and you can always invite them to visit your new home (plus with our orientation tour, you’ll be well equipped to show them around).

Settle in, the right way

It’s all well and good moving into a new home, but you should be mindful of doing it the right way to avoid feelings of isolation. Go the extra mile to make your new home feel like a home you can live in; house plants, your favourite pictures, a comfy sofa throw, you name it. Whatever you can do to make your environment more comfortable should be done, because isolation in a new home is a very real thing many people have to deal with.

If possible, try to speak with your neighbours; you just might have something in common with them! Think about joining a club or class that aligns with your interests, whether that’s sports, reading, history etc. Searching for a place to practice your hobbies is the perfect excuse to explore your new home as well.

Whatever you need for a seamless moving journey, we have the expertise to make it a reality. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one-stop moving company. We make moving home easy for you.

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