What is the School Search Service?

At Santa Fe Relocation we know that few things are more important than ensuring your children get the best education in their new home. We also know that finding that perfect school in a new location or country can feel overwhelming. That’s why we provide our School Search Service: matching you with the right school for your child in their new home.

We work hard to ensure that we find the school that fits your child’s needs. Whatever their educational requirements may be, Santa Fe Relocation will make sure their new school is perfectly suited to them. And we’re there to walk you through the application process.

Find out more about how we can help with your school search by getting in touch with us via email at: moveme@santaferelo.com.

How does it work?

Our School Search Service is uniquely designed around the needs of your family. Whether you are moving within your own country, moving abroad, or specifically looking for an International School in your new destination, we can help.

While all our School Searches are tailored to your family, they all include the following services as standard:

  • A detailed needs analysis, personalised to your family
  • Overview and explanation of the destination country's school system
  • School comparisons and shortlist, to help you narrow it down
  • Guidance throughout the process, from admission to acceptance
  • Setting up interviews with schools
  • Assistance with registration

A tailored approach to moving school

Finding a school in a new place, especially a new country, is never simply a case of looking at the highest rated schools and just picking the top choice. You need to highlight the school that best serves your child’s personal educational requirements.

At Santa Fe Relocation, we work to filter school searches based on your child’s individual needs. Whether this is a detailed needs analysis or specialist educational assistance, we will coordinate with schools to make sure your child fits in.

Whether you are looking for an International School in a new country, or the best school for your child in a new domestic location, we have the expertise to find the perfect new school and to make the transition smooth.

Whatever you need for your school search, we have the expertise and skills to make it easy. We are Santa Fe Relocation, your one stop moving company. We get you from home, to new home and beyond.


  • What should I look for when choosing a new school?
    When picking a new school, parents often prioritise the curriculum, class size, school rankings and location. But what is most important to your family is completely dependent on your priorities and the needs of your child.
  • What should I look for when choosing an International School?
    The curriculum is often the most important factor when moving abroad and that will be entirely dependent on the location. Generally speaking, an International Baccalaureate is a common curriculum for many International Schools, but some also offer national English or American curricula. We aim to match you to school offering a continuation of the curriculum your child is currently on.
  • What about fees and costs?
    This is a personal consideration, with many factors to consider. If you’re relocating with your family abroad for business purposes, it’s worth checking whether your employer offers financial aid for schooling. If you have made the personal decision to move abroad, be prepared for high school fees at International Schools and top independent schools. It’s very beneficial to have a good understanding of the costs and process involved in school enrolment in your new location before you move.
  • Is it easy to apply to an International/private school?
    Like school fees, applications vary considerably by school and location. Many schools simply won’t accept applications if it’s already half-way through the academic year. This means you should make a note of the application deadlines for your chosen schools ahead of your move.

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