Settling-in to your new home with Santa Fe Relocation

The Settling-in service is designed to make your move simple, straightforward and exciting. We empower you with all the local knowledge and information to make your relocation easy.

It all begins with a telephone or email-based needs assessment, so that our experts can get to know you and detail your information. This will form the basis from which your settling in experience will be framed: we get to know you and your needs.

Before the move you’ll receive a handy welcome pack containing specialised local knowledge, advice and information which will help you get to know your new home destination in more detail, and answer many of your questions about the area and amenities.

Then when you move, you receive a one or two-day tailored programme with a local expert to get you situated, acclimatised, and most importantly settled. What your package looks like is completely determined by the outcome of the needs-assessment: making sure you don’t get anything you don’t need, and everything that you do.

How can we help you settle-in?

We aren’t just there for the heavy lifting. With 120 years of local knowledge and removal expertise, Santa Fe Relocation are here to support you through every part of the moving journey.

Our settling-in service is entirely customised to you and your needs. So, if there is anything you are nervous about, any aspect of your move you would like help with, or any amenity you need once you arrive, let us know. Our Move Specialists are on hand to take care of you and your move. Because at Santa Fe Relocation we make moving home easy for you.

Examples of Settling-In services:

  • Recommendation of a Handyman
  • Choose our maid service
  • Guidance on setting up a bank account Banking services
  • Setting up utilities
  • Neighbourhood orientation tour
  • Registration with local authorities (where applicable)
  • Obtaining local licences (where applicable)
  • Getting guidance how to obtain automotive and property insurance
  • Local health care system overview
  • Furniture rentals
  • Setting up TV, internet and telephone lines, including mobile telephones
  • Locating local services: doctors, shops, places of worship, specialist groceries
  • Car rentals, driving licences etc.

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