How can Santa Fe Relocation help with vehicle transportation?

We provide shipping services of unrivalled quality, transporting vehicles safely and securely around the world. Alongside our global network, we have the expertise and the knowledge to effectively ship vehicles with the minimum of fuss. Rest assured that when you choose Santa Fe Relocation for your vehicle shipping needs, you are choosing a moving company with over 120 years’ experience. For more information on how we can help with transporting your vehicle, contract our friendly team today and we’ll assist in any way we can. Or to find out how much it might cost, fill in our free auto transport quote form.

What's included

  • Pre-trip Vehicle Condition reportchevron_right
  • Arrangement of required import and export documentation
  • Door-to-door transportation. You can drive your vehicle to your local Santa Fe office and pick it up from your destination’s Santa Fe office, or we can deliver it door-to-door
  • Shipments by road or sea freight depending on assignee’s destination
  • 24-hour customer service support

How does it work?

All you need to do to start the process is give one of our experts a call and they’ll arrange a vehicle condition report. This ensures that any damage done to your vehicle during the journey is accounted for. For your peace of mind, we use only the latest in advanced shipping techniques, including specialised blocks designed to minimise movement.

What about shipping cover?

Even with our best shipping practices in place, you might want to consider one of our range of cost-effective shipment protection plans. With one, you can guarantee the safety of your vehicle against any unforeseen circumstances. Motorbike and car transport is a complicated process, one that our talented team of shippers fully understands. We will always take the utmost care and consideration when transporting your vehicles. Shipment protection is simply our way of making your journey a little more carefree.


How do I know if I can ship my vehicle?

The regulations for importing and exporting vehicles can vary considerably between countries, with few nations sharing the exact same rules. When you book a slot with us, one of our trained consultants will work with you to advise on whether or not your vehicle is eligible. This depends on size, age, the type of vehicle, etc. We will make sure to clearly explain the ins and outs of whichever country you want to ship to.

How much does vehicle shipping cost?

The cost of moving a vehicle varies considerably. Car shipping an SUV for example, will cost more than a motorbike, but other factors also contribute to the overall price. This includes when you ship your vehicle; there are many different seasons throughout the year that directly affect the quantity of shipments made. If you pick a busy season, when more shipments happen, you can expect the price to be higher than a season with fewer overall deliveries.

You should be aware of two different types of transport as well; enclosed or open. Enclosed is tailored towards high-end sports/race, vintage and classic cars. With enclosed transport, special steps need to be taken to ensure the safety of your vehicle. It is the more expensive option, however it is by far the best choice if you’re shipping a vehicle of high value. For ordinary vehicles, open transport is the cheapest and most efficient method. Open transport has the added benefit of greater flexibility; with more space for more vehicles, you’re likelihood of finding a shipping slot increases.

What is a door-to-door service?

Door-to-door service means we take the hassle out of vehicle shipping. If needed, we’ll pick up your vehicle from your door and begin the transportation process. Your vehicle will then be waiting for you when arrive, or a short period afterwards.

Can I store items in my vehicle?

We personally advise against leaving items in your vehicle, because the very nature of shipping vehicles means you might not see them for some time. Please avoid storing items such as medicine, gifts, or any other objects you could need as soon as you get to your destination.

How do I prepare my vehicle?

Make sure you take the time to ready your vehicle for its moving journey. If possible, secure or remove any loose or speciality objects such as wide mirrors, spoilers, antennas (can be lowered or removed), etc. Try to leave your tank ¼ full, as a full tank only adds extra weight and as such, more cost. Seal or repair any gaps or tears in a convertible roof, because during transportation fast-moving air could cause additional damage. Turn off any anti-theft devices you have installed, because it can cause significant delays if the alarm goes off, or the driver needs to access the vehicle. Ensure that your vehicle is properly cleaned so you can get an accurate vehicle condition assessment.

Wherever you need a vehicle moved to, Santa Fe Relocation is the company that gets it there. We are your one stop moving solution, we make shipping easy for you.

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Our award winning services aim to
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