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With innovation and creativity quickly becoming a driving factor in the economy, the Martin Prosperity Institute conducted a study ranking 82 countries on how creative they really were in order to test this controversial theory. Each country was given a position on the Global Creativity Index to determine its level of creativity based on three factors; technology, talent and tolerance. Combining these three factors revealed an overall score for each country, highlighting exactly how ‘creative’ its economy really was. This is still in place today.

While it is no surprise that the list of the top most creative countries in the world is heavily dominated by more developed entities including South Korea and Singapore, smaller European contenders such as Sweden and Denmark also feature high up on the list.

For expats seeking a new location filled with creativity, or for companies looking for new sources of talent to kick-start their own creativity, here at Santa Fe Relocation, we are taking a closer look at the top three countries in which you can explore your creative flare.

  1. South Korea

In 2013, Park Guen-hye, the president of South Korea, publicised his plan to move the country towards a ‘creativity economy’, stating that: “the Korean economy has reached the limits of the catch-up strategy which had driven economic growth for the last 40 years”. Despite the original uncertainty surrounding the plan, in just five years the country has undergone a complete economic transformation. Today, South Korea is not only ranked as the most creative country, but it boasts the 11th largest economy in the world. Seoul is also ranked as the world’s leading digital city and as home to Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor and SK Holdings, it is now one of the most high-tech locations in the world.

  1. Sweden

According to the report, Sweden is the second most innovative country in the world. There are several factors that make the country such a strong contender, including the level of education that is offered here. Educational standards are ranked highly across the country and are recognised around the globe, with students choosing embark on further studies at universities such as the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University. From a young age, Swedish schools encourage innovation and creativity among their students, which emphasises how passionate the country is about promoting the creative industry. As a result, businesses operating in the automotive and engineering industries have enabled the country to develop at an incredibly rapid rate.

  1. Singapore

Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is known for its impressive skyline found in the Marina Bay area which showcases an array of iconic structures including the mascot of Singapore, the Merlion, and the 280m Helix Bridge. Design has remained the key driver of the creative economy, generating approximately $2.13 million for the city state’s GDP. It has been estimated that there are currently around 5,500 design enterprises. To sustain their title as one of the most creative countries in the world, Singapore formed a plan known as the DesignSingapore Council – II to enable the design sector to continue flourishing.

While a number of countries are yet to embark on cutting edge innovation, those that do and have been for some time now have become some of the most creative countries across the globe. Nowadays, these countries are home to not only some of the most creative economies overall, but also to a whole pool of talent ready to provide creative skills to leading industries.

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