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While Singapore may be very urban, and you won’t have the lions to face like you would in some countries such as South Africa, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any animals that you have to look out for. The exotic city state is situated on the Southern tip of Malaysia, and with a tropical climate, you can expect to find animals that are venomous that have travelled from countries such as Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. While most of these animals are located in rural areas, they can sometimes be seen on roads, in forests and usually close to a water supply, so you’re going to need to know what to be aware of if you’re considering moving to Singapore.

Black Spitting Cobra

This medium sized snake is known by many in the world as one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. The black spitting cobra, while a beautiful animal and not aggressive by nature, has venom that in many cases is more dangerous than many snakes that bite. The black spitting cobra will only attack if feeling threatened, frightened or agitated, and with growth in human population impeaching on some of the more rural parts of Singapore, the snake has previously been found in outhouses and garages.
The cobra will spit its venom when threatened at great speed, and the 5ft snake can spit this to a distance of almost 2 meters. The snakes prey is blinded by the venom making it easier to catch, and while this is usually used when hunting, they can use this against humans as a defence. The black spitting cobra may also bite, and the venom will then attack the nervous system as soon as the bite is received. However, there are many anti-venoms, and in recent years there have been no reported deaths from snakes.

Brown House Spider

This is also commonly referred to as the Brown Recluse or Violin spider, and it is a very common species found around the world. Usually, the brown house spider will live in harmony with the human, and can be found in airing cupboards, drawers, and amongst bedding and towels. Normally a bite will only occur when the spider is in the attire that the human is putting on, but the spider will only bite and administer venom as a last resort – in most cases a bite will normally not administer venom. However, if you do receive a venomous bite from one of these spiders, it is important that this is treated quickly, as gaping wounds can form in the skin if left untreated.


Hornets are very well known around the world and can be found in almost all continents. While a singular hornet sting is not life threatening, if you have disturbed a nest of hornets this can be dangerous. There are three main species of hornets in Singapore, with the Lesser Banded Hornet being the most dangerous. While nests are normally built high up in forested areas, if you do come across one then it is advised to calmly walk away. As hornets have no barbs on their sting, they can sting up to 20 times per minute, and multiple stings from a swarm have been known to be life threatening, so it is important to steer clear of any nest, and particularly warn children of this, as curiosity could lead them to danger.
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