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Your life as a trailing spouse

Those who find themselves moving to another part of the world and following their partners can at times feel a little lost and find the adventure of expat life challenging. If you find yourself in a situation where you are leaving behind everything that you used to know and are wanting to embrace the change ahead with style and gusto then one of the best ways of doing so is through reinventing yourself! Becoming an expat is a life changing experience, which is why it is so important that you choose to be positive about the whole process and make the most of the transition. We are hoping that the following tried and tested methods of reinventing yourself through the experience of previous expats; you too will be able to experience the benefits of transforming your life.

Find your passions

The wonderful thing about being in a new place is that there are new and unexplored opportunities to get hold of and try out. Begin by making a list of things that you most enjoy doing, be it work, volunteer or hobby related and start working your way through and pursuing those passions. This part of the reinvention process allows you to really dig deep and hone in on what you truly want out of life. Life is short, so why not try to tick things off of your list when you can?

Start networking

The best way to avoid feeling isolated in your new home is by taking the time to network and get to know people (this applied on both a personal and professional level). Thankfully in the age of social media and the internet you are never far away from a community that can help you and this is all the more true to expat communities. Facebook Groups and online forums are some of the best places in which you can get to know likeminded people, so get yourself out there as soon as possible- you will be surprised how quickly you will forge new and lasting friendships.

Reflect on YOU

Establishing life in a new place can be daunting and sure, you are likely to encounter obstacles. However rather than dwelling on the place you came from and feeling unsure of yourself and how you fit in, now is the best time to reflect on yourself now and where you want to be in the future. Again, lists or mind-maps are a fab way to get all of your thoughts out and make them physical and tangible, thus making it more likely that you will do something about them! Write (or draw) out who you think you are now and then consider changes you would want to make – think about how you would want people to perceive you if they met you and go from there. Even if some of the changes you note down seem silly, it is surprising how sometimes our wildest dreams come into fruition if we allow them the chance to become so.

No matter what you choose to do in terms of reinventing yourself when you become an expat, remember that it’s okay to stumble and that there will always be challenges to face. Making the most of your new life is all about reframing things and see past the problems and look towards new opportunities instead. If you have any further questions or would like in-depth advice about settling in, be sure to get in touch with us here at Santa Fe.

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