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Avoiding common moving mistakes

This November our blogs are all about packing and moving tips. With the best tips, tricks and advice for every move, our moving series is here to help you. Whether you’re moving down the road, across the country or to an entirely new country, we’re here to make this the easiest move of your life. Today’s focus: avoiding common mistakes and saving you money.

Avoid these common mistakes, for a stress-free home move:

Leaving everything to the last minute

It’s tempting to leave booking your removals company until a few weeks before, and to delay packing until the days (or night!) before the van arrives. But not only will this make the entire process very stressful, but it’s likely to make it very expensive to. By forcing yourself into a tight time frame you won’t have the option to negotiate, shop around or get the best deals.

Not using a reputable moving company

Putting the entire contents of your home in the hands of strangers. That’s what moving to a new house boils down to. So, when you choose a moving company you want to ensure that they are a professional, trustworthy, reliable outfit. The biggest mistake that movers make is not taking the time to research their moving company before making a booking. And while a low estimate might be attractive enough to sway you away from well-known removals companies, consider whether you’re sacrificing quality for price.

When looking for a moving company it’s best to start with a recommendation from friends, family or colleagues. Look at reputable companies with affiliations or awards with removals boards. And make sure that the price, quote or estimate is clear. You need to know exactly what is and isn’t included before you agree to anything.

Not getting insurance or shipment protection

Accidents happen, no matter how great a moving team you have. And if an accident does happen when you aren’t properly insured or protected against damage it can be a disaster.

We know that shipment protection or contents insurance is another expense during the moving process that can be easily dismissed, but weigh up the consequences before doing so. This is even more important if you’re moving abroad or transporting fragile, important or very expensive items.

Taking everything you own

The more you have, the bigger the move. And the bigger the move, the more time and money needs to be invested. So, one of the biggest moving mistakes that often gets over looked is neglecting to declutter and sort before you go. Just because you have 27 cups doesn’t mean you need 27 cups! And by selling, gifting or donating unwanted or no longer needed items you reduce your moving costs and streamline your life all at once!

Doing everything yourself

It can be really tempting to attempt every part of the move on your own. From hiring a van, buying your own packing materials, to packing and moving your things – many try to cover each aspect themselves. And while it can seem like a good financial decision the reality is that DIY moves aren’t always the most cost effective. When you factor in the van rental, fuel, and packing material costs as well as potentially taking time off work to complete parts of the move, many find that hiring a professional service actually works out better value.

Not using enough high-quality packing material

Not buying enough packing material (and then making feverish late-night dashes to your local store) is a common moving mistake. Unfortunately, only professionals can accurately estimate what’s needed for any house move. And while making several back and forth trips, often at the last minute, for boxes and packing materials is no more than annoying the bigger and more costly mistake is not investing in high quality packing material.

When buying or renting your packing materials, make sure you’ve done your research into what you need for the specific items in your home. Also invest in the best quality you can afford. Remember that these packing materials are the barrier between your things and potential breakage. So, investing in them can prevent much higher replacement costs. For this reason, many movers find it more reassuring and cost effective to include a professional packing service as part of their removals service.

For all the help you need with your next move, get in touch with us today. Get a free, no obligation moving quote, or find out about our removal services. We make moving home easy for you.

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