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Office relocation – The office trends predicted to affect company spaces through 2021 and beyond

Are you considering changes to your office space? You’re not alone.

Globally the requirements offices need to meet have changed. As experts in corporate relocation and office moves, we delve into the office changes and trends facing us all.

Have your company office needs changed?

The pandemic has changed a lot, and office spaces are no exception. With enforced working from home around the world, a new normal has set in. And the new laser focus on flexibility and health and safety is changing how companies are approaching their office space.

Covid-19 has impacted how we view offices, and greatly changed the office space. All businesses have been impacted globally, and as the changes to the workforce maintain, you might be considering how these changes are impacting your need for office space and how that space works for you.

Here’s our predictions for changes to office spaces in 2021 and beyond.

Downsizing your office

Whether it’s down to a newly reduced workforce, or a larger reliance on flexible working and work-from-home, companies of all sizes are looking to minimise overheads and create a space that fits. There are also those who are shutting their permanent office for good.

Moving your office location

As company leaders grow in confidence with their work-from-home workforce, more companies are implementing long-term practices allowing for flexible working. This is resulting in less heads in the office going forward. And potentially less visitors as meeting culture changes too.

For many owners and leaders, the high costs related to peak city pricing is becoming less alluring. Changing office location to somewhere easily commutable for the workforce but outside of the traditional business hubs is becoming more attractive.

For others, the newly available retail-to-office conversions are creating smaller and more varied workspaces for companies that want to be more centralised.

Creating a sense of community

The impact of over a year of remote working, with much of the workforce juggling work with home-schooling children and the additional pressures of the pandemic, has created an unprecedented mental health crisis.

Resulting, one of the biggest office trends is now to create an office space where community and wellbeing are carefully factored into the space and design. We are witnessing companies taking this time to renovate or move their offices to build in these new features.

With the majority of the global workforce missing the space and community of the office, creating a quality space for them to return to is imperative. In the UK, 36% of businesses have stated that creating a quality space for their employees is central to their workplace planning and strategy through 2021 and beyond. 63% of UK businesses are now prioritising design and quality of specification in their offices (Knight Frank’s Re-occupancy and Re-imagined Workplace Survey).

Flexible working solutions

From more flexible workspaces to collaborative pods and break-out rooms, office space needs have changed. With the workforce projected to spend less time in the office as we all move to more time working from home/flexible working, more focus will be placed on using the office for collaboration.

Offices will need to work for the evolving work patterns and behaviour. And with trends showing that the majority of employees will look to return to the office at least once a week, there’s a renewed focus and expectation from the workforce for more flexible working. These changes affect how offices need to perform. And with more focus on ‘in-office’ time being collaborative, space that can mould to your needs and change at whim is a priority.

Spaces designed for wellbeing

More fresh air, natural light, places for quiet downtime, and community hubs. Offices post-2020 are changing and design features focus on creating an environment conducive for both work and wellbeing.

We are seeing more companies rework their space to allow for both social distancing and collaboration, creating a place that can be used by a smaller workforce and that works for flexible shift patterns.

With the social vacuum of the pandemic, offices will need to help alleviate the deficit of social interaction with in-person collaboration. And with a renewed interest in wellbeing and health, many offices are creating spaces that allow for community engagement, include work out spaces or facilities, and incorporate more biophilic design elements.

Sustainability in focus

From bike parks to spaces designed to minimise environmental impact, companies across the world are moving to spaces that have been curated for their sustainability. Look to create a space that supports active commuting, reduces waste, and makes a positive impact on the climate crisis for the longevity of your company and to attract top talent.

Are you looking to make the move?

78% of companies delay office moves due to the resulting stress, with office moving considered the second most stressful task for managers (E.ON survey).

Don’t delay your move, stagnating in an office space that no longer fits your needs. Santa Fe Relocation offers award-winning office relocation services designed to mitigate any risks of disruption or delay. Your dedicated moving team takes control from pre-move consultation until the last box is unpacked, removing the stress and ensuring your team’s needs are met.

We support moves of all sizes. Take advantage of Santa Fe IT relocation expertise, interior refurbishment,  fit-out services, storage solutions, professional cleaning services and sustainable clearance solutions.


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