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Top 5 best places to study abroad in Europe

Destinations such as Germany and the United Kingdom might come to mind when considering what the best countries in Europe for international students are, but there are several other European study destinations that are climbing the ranks. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at the best countries in Europe for international students.


Moving to Germany is the top choice in Europe for international students. Germany is scoring 80.7 out of a possible 100, with the likes of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands close behind. Boasting universities degrees that are highly respected by employers across the globe and excellent teaching, ranking among the best in the world, Germany has a lot to offer to international students from around the globe. Moreover, in comparison with other countries in Europe which have been ranked as some of the most beneficial for international students, Germany is depicted as a country where personal safety excels, in both city and countryside areas.

United Kingdom

In the same report, the United Kingdom ranks highly for education, as well as life and career opportunities. Nevertheless, the country ranks poorly for living expenses and tuition fees. This is especially true when moving to London, due to the high cost of living in the capital city. With the uncertainty of Brexit heavily looming and set to come into play in 2019 leaving the future of international students somewhat in the dark, many international students are considering alternatives to studying in the UK, for their own security.


France offers a broad number of attractions and as a country for international studies, it is proven to be similar to Germany. With international students benefitting from the opportunity to conduct research in modern facilities and with a broad selection of subjects to choose from, moving to France offers an exciting and thoroughly rewarding experience for international students who are looking to learn surrounded by rich culture and bespoke architecture. With an increasing number of foreign students seeking highly reputable universities but affordable living costs and affordable fees, the country is likely to regain its status as the best option for international students and may even rank higher than Germany as soon as the next survey.


Poland is an up and coming country for international students, and despite offering highly affordable living costs, the number of subjects offered, particularly when it comes to English-taught study options, is growing drastically. Due to this, the total number of foreign students moving to Poland has recently soared from just 12,000 to more than 65,000 in the past decade. It is the low cost of living however, that attracts many students, as the country is much more affordable than many other countries in Europe.

The Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands is yet another popular choice in Europe for international students. Known as the first non-English speaking country in which universities began to design high education study programs in English, the Netherlands has more recently attracted students from across the globe. Despite the Netherlands still being relatively new to the scene, here, students are able to divulge in subjects which encourage problem solving and creative thinking practices, alongside more traditional subjects.

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