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Shanghai: What is happening?

Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and the respective lockdowns impacting Shanghai, all local business activities are suspended. As a result, all logistics, courier services & local trucking within Shanghai are heavily impacted.

Increase of local transportation cost

The cost of local transportation within Shanghai has increased 3 to 4 times compared to pre-lockdown rates and we expect prices to remain high and as we start to come out of lockdown. We also expect many restrictions to remain in place according to the government quarantine policy.

We anticipate the Shanghai lockdown to continue into the coming weeks, and the charges for local transportation services will increase in the months of June and July.

Delays and disruptions in local logistics

In addition to increased costs, we are foreseeing severe delays and disruptions. The maximum daily capacity of export and import volume, as well as the local pickups and deliveries, will be very limited.

After the lockdown eases, neighbouring China mainland ports will be used as backup transit options to handle the increased volume. Here again, this will mean increased costs due to longer transportation requirement and delays on crew availability.

Stricter rules on trucking have already led to a lack of available transport, which will continue to impact Air, LCL & FCL freight movements.

Beijing: what is happening?

Within the Beijing Quarantine controlled area, communities are under close management. People are not allowed to leave their homes except for nucleic acid (COVID) testing, picking up food and necessities, receiving deliveries and disposing of garbage.

Beijing’s ride-hailing platforms are not allowed to send orders to or beyond the ‘electronic boundaries’ in southern Chaoyang (south of Chaoyang Road, excluding Chaoyang Road), Fangshan District and Shunyi District (excluding The Capital Airport) starting from 9 May. Taxis will also not be allowed to operate in the above areas. Fangshan District and Shunyi District have also suspended bus operations.

The above quarantine precautions have further limited our ability to conduct moving operations and we recommend virtual surveys at this stage.

Per the COVID-19 situation of Beijing Chaoyang District, the local government requests that all people to do the nucleic acid testing and stop all business operations except those that can obtain local compound approval with specific requests.

Moving services is still available but is limited

At this stage, moving is still possible. Currently, Beijing is not completely locked down like Shanghai and our Beijing operations team can still provide services in Chaoyang District, but there are preconditions that our clients need to firstly obtain the permit from their property management in advance and ensure they will allow our teams to enter. If you have any specific requests, please have our China teams communicate with your clients in advance for any specific request during this period.

We’re here to help

The situation remains extremely volatile, and we highly recommend that you start planning your relocation now by reaching out to the Santa Fe team. We can perform virtual surveys, offer advice and prepare for when the situation eases.

Our top priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and employees during the delivery of services. So, get in touch with our China offices to discuss how we can support you with any of your relocation requirements.

We will actively monitor the situation and adapt accordingly to do whatever we can to support you and your assignees. We will keep you informed of any further developments.

Please contact below if you have any enquires.

Kelvin Tan
Sales Director
Santa Fe Relocation
Shanghai, China
M: +86 13816649937

Jerry Lee
Moving Manager
Santa Fe Relocation
Shanghai, China
M: +86 18049775518


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