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New Year, new home?

While moving home can take place at any time throughout the year, moving from one property to another as the New Year begins gives the opportunity for a completely new start – but is it the key to sticking to your New Year resolutions? Here’s what we think:

Window Of Opportunity

With only 8% of people sticking to their New Year’s resolutions nowadays, moving home presents an ideal window of opportunity. Having lived in the same home for a period of time, in some cases for your entire life, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. However, moving abroad presents the opportunity to make much-needed changes. Whether you are looking to change your career, your lifestyle, your routine or even change the way you perceive life, moving home is an effective way to boost your outlook on any goal. Surrounded by a new environment and new people, you are more likely to pursue the life you want to lead, not the one you’ve gotten used to living over the years.

New Challenges

Moving home may present a number of challenges that you have never experienced before and is often described as an ‘intense rollercoaster,’ and understandably so. However, this will enable you to step out of your comfort zone, which can present you with even more new opportunities. When you are forced outside of your comfort zone, you are more likely to stick to your New Year resolutions because you have had little choice but to approach unfamiliar situations head-on.

Your Time To Shine

Now that you are living in a new environment, you may also notice significant changes to your behaviour. Whether you previously failed to stick to a healthy eating plan or found yourself getting into bed too early or too late each night, you are more likely to make an effort now that you are living somewhere new.

Changing The Way You Think

When moving home, there are several factors to consider, from the location of your new home and the neighbourhood you would like to become a part of, to potentially living in a different country to your relatives and friends. Moving home, particularly abroad, will change the way you think and you are likely to develop a more positive mindset having come out the other side of your move feeling refreshed. This positivity can help you stick to your New Year resolutions.

We all make New Year resolutions, but few of us pursue them. This year, make sure that you achieve your resolutions, whether you are moving home or staying put. Instead of thinking about your various resolutions as a chore, consider how they can benefit you and the people around you.

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