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Where to go on holiday as an expat

Many people picture their summer somewhere hot and preferably on a beach, but for many expatriates, that’s their reality. Even though you might already be living the dream abroad, you can still feel as though you’re on holiday elsewhere regardless. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look at where to go on holiday when you live abroad, and whether you should go home or go on holiday.

Do you go home or go on holiday?

When it comes to heading on vacation, many expats struggle with whether to go home or to go on holiday. After all, with limited holiday time to spare, you want to make the most of the holiday you do have, which is where the big question lies. While some will jump at the chance to go back home and see their family and friends, others want to spend their time relaxing on a beach – unless they do this as part of their daily routine anyway. Regardless of your final decision, it’s important to consider those back home as well as your own wants.

Visiting relatives

Your home is your home, and so for many, deciding where to go on holiday when you live abroad isn’t a difficult decision. If you’re looking to strike a balance, making going back home to visit family feel like a ‘normal’ holiday is a good place to start. However, for a vast number of people, spending time with family isn’t always going to be a stress-free time. Some families can be resentful of the fact that you moved abroad in the first place and left them behind, and this can lead to you feeling somewhat bitter about giving up your holiday time to ‘do the right thing’ and see your family back home.

The easiest way to manage visiting relatives is to arrange a single meet up, where all relatives end up in the same place at the same time. This can save a lot of travelling time when it comes to visiting one-by-one and can often make the entire experience much more enjoyable as it will be focused on family time as opposed to singularly focusing on talking about your new life as an expat.

Holiday accessibility

One of the most impressive parts about being an expat is that some of those ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ destinations may now be far more accessible. For example, if you’re living in Dubai, the Maldives are just a short 4-hour trip away, India is 3 hours away, Thailand is 6 hours away and Sri Lanka is close enough to even enjoy a long weekend away! No matter where you end up as an expat, the amount of new destinations that can become far more accessible than ever before helps to make the concept of deciding to go home or go on holiday even more difficult. Is it possible to choose to go to your home country when you have all of these amazing new places to explore?

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