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Which transport is better when moving countries

There are a number of stressful aspects to the moving process, and arriving at your final destination is one of them. After all, is it better to hop on a plane for a fuss-free journey, or drive there and take your move as an opportunity to embark on a family road trip? Here at Santa Fe Relocation we’re taking a look at the reasons behind why you might decide to drive or fly when making a cross-country move, to ensure you have the best possible moving experience.


If you are conducting a long distance move, time is a highly important factor to take into consideration. This is particularly important if you have limited time away from work or are due to take care of something not far after the move. Depending on the time you have available and how long you are willing to travel for, flying will help ensure you arrive at your final destination in quickly. If the idea of a long-haul flight is daunting to you, a road trip is a much better option, and even though it will take longer to arrive at your destination, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to face long queues and busy airports.


You and your loved ones’ safety and well-being is paramount and should be your primary concern when it comes to moving cross-country. Compared to other modes of transport, air travel is considered much safer, and in some cases, is the easiest option. Once you have arrived at the airport, you can relax knowing that your luggage is in safe hands, allowing you to focus on your travel partner and the excitement associated with moving home. Driving can become tiresome and depending on the distance you’re required to travel to your new home, you may have to stop multiple times, extending the duration of your journey. In addition, the likelihood of a plane crash is considerably less than the possibility of a road collision. For this reason, it’s crucial that you consider the safety of all involved, and whether or not you are likely to become tired and therefore less aware during a car journey.


When deciding whether it’s better to drive or fly when moving across the country, comfort is a crucial factor to consider. Whilst driving to your new home will ensure maximum comfort for your children and furry friends, a plane journey is often far more direct, making the journey less long-winded. Due to this, it’s vital to weigh up your options, and the pros and cons of travelling by air and by car.


When it comes to deciding whether it’s better to drive or fly when moving, it’s important to recognise that neither driving nor flying will be easy on your budget. While you’ll be looking for the most cost-effective mode of transportation, it’s crucial keep in mind that it’s not only the price of the plane tickets and cost of fuel that you should take into account. If you decide to drive cross country, for example, you’ll also need to consider whether there is somewhere along the way you can rest, and how much this will cost.

Here at Santa Fe Relocation we understand that relocating can be stressful whether you’re moving to a neighbouring district, or an entirely new country half way across the world. That’s why we’re here to offer expert advice. For more information about the services we provide contact us, today.

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