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While many people who long to live in the UK dream of making their new home in London, the UK is more than just the sum of the bustling capital city. And it seems that the moving trends in the UK show this too.

Over the last 5 years, more and more people are leaving the ‘big city’ behind and moving out to the many excellent cities, towns and villages that England has to offer. In fact, more people are moving out of London each year then are moving in.

So why are people leaving London?

Despite the growth, the excellent amenities and the never-ending lists of things to do and places to see, the current moving trends show that more and more of us are leaving the bright lights of London in favour of other UK locations. And there are a number of reasons why moving out of London has mass appeal.

Family life demands

Large numbers of young families leave the capital every year in search of a better lifestyle, more suited to raising a family. As young families look to their future, many leave the city in search of more space, lower crime rates, cheaper living costs and easier commutes to school and work. While there are great places to live and bring up a family inside of London, many families choose to leave with their young children.

The ‘University’ effect

As young adults who’ve lived and grown up in London choose their future studying options, large numbers choose a change of city and leave for a new university town. This moving demographic makes up a large number of those who move out of the capital every year. Young adults leave on mass to start their degrees in one of the UK’s other bustling and thriving higher education cities.

Graduates grow up, and move out

A large number of people who move in to the city come as graduates. As they search for their first graduate job, the opportunities and exciting lifestyle offered by England’s capital attracts people in their early 20’s from all over the UK, Europe and further afield. But after 5-10 years developing their careers and living and loving the city, those same graduates move out of London in search of a more leisurely pace of life and more space.

Getting on the property market

Across all age groups over 18, scores of people are leaving the city in the search of bagging their dream home. While London has numerous perks, and a completely unique and wonderful atmosphere, the skyrocketing property prices are undeniable. So, for most people looking to join the home owners market, a move out of London opens up the housing market opportunities. This has rapidly increased migration to a number of UK towns and cities within a commutable distance from London: Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Southampton and Cambridge are all very popular destinations.

London will always be the beating heart of the UK, but if you’re considering a move to the UK, take some time to explore some of the other amazing locations that you could be calling home.

If you are moving within the UK, in or out of London, or relocating to the UK from abroad, our team are here to help. Based in our London office, our team of removals experts make every step of your move easy.



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