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Hong Kong – Life outside the city

While the country/capital of Hong Kong is famed for its plethora of luxury boutiques, never ending shopping malls and countless restaurants, few know much about life outside of downtown.

While expats moving to Hong Kong might love to shop and be drooling at the thought of the myriad delectable eateries, it’s important to discover what else the country has to offer. And there is so much more to the city than (very impressive) light shows and multi million-pound shopping complexes.

Hiking in Hong Kong

Whether you are on the main Hong Kong Island, or over the water on Lantau island, the hiking and trekking possibilities are abundant. From gentle walks along beaches and through towns, to long and tricky hikes up mountains, all of this is possible within minutes of most parts of the city.

Notorious expat hotspot Discovery Bay is built around a beautiful peak – Tigers head. This is the perfect spot for your daily exercise, with a rewarding view over much of Hong Kong, and on a clear day with views of mainland China. For those with a little more time on their hands, the trail from Tung Chung to Discovery Bay, taking around 3 and a half hours, is a reasonably easy walk/hike combination offering beautiful views.

Hidden beaches of Hong Kong

Known for its futuristic light displays across one of the world’s most impressive and well-known city skylines, few come to Hong Kong for the beaches. But that is a shame. Because the country is home to beautiful, and often abandoned, beaches ready for expats to take advantage of.

If you’re a fan of small bay beaches, complete with golden sands and blue seas, Hong Kong is ready to deliver. A far cry from the busy metropolis, there is a beach close to almost every spot in Hong Kong thanks to the Island State’s composition. Combined with one of the many hikes, discovering a secret beach along one of the trails is a regular delight for those exploring Hong Kong.

Visit one of Hong Kong’s many temples

For a complete sense of calm (often accompanied by incredible views), consider visiting one of the country’s beautiful temples. A very popular, and impressive, temple sits on the island of Lantau. Close for residents of Discovery Bay, and just a 30-minute ferry ride from Hong Kong island then a short bus ride, the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas sits atop a mountain range, looking over much of Hong Kong.

Accessible via either a long and scenic hike, or via a cable car that sweeps over hundreds of feet of forest and water, the Zen Tian Tan Buddha is a beautiful and cleansing experience. And thanks to the popularity of the temple, there is also places to eat and enjoy the view high into the clouds in the surrounding area.

Whilst there are a number of impressive temples and cultural spots across the country, every expat and visitor to Hong Kong should make the journey to witness the Big Buddha and breathe in the mountain air. For hiking fans, especially those residents of Discovery Bay, the hike to Zen Tian Tan Buddha will fast become one of your favourite and regular activities.

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