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Why do people move abroad?

We take a look at the main motivating factors and reasons as to why hundreds of thousands of people take the plunge and relocate to a new home country every year.

Studying abroad

One of the main motivating factors in an international move is to study abroad. Millions of students every year move to a new country to pursue their academic goals – from international boarding schools, to graduate degrees and PhD’s. All over the world, students are moving to a new country in search of their dream educational qualification, a chance to explore, and to develop themselves personally in a new place.

Explore the world

International travel has never been so accessible, affordable and common place. With so many of us fortunate enough to travel for both work and leisure, the idea of moving for work no longer seems as scary or such a big undertaking. And with the increase in affordable travel it’s no longer so isolating, as family members and friends can afford to come visit you in your new home.

So for many, a move abroad is now a great adventure and is motivated by nothing more than a yearning to discover the world and learn more about a new place, its culture, language and the people.

Improving personal finances

From looking for a better paid job, to a stronger economy to work within, many international relocations are based on finances. When considering how to best provide for a family, the financial renumeration in another country can be enough to base a move on. Equally, the differences in benefits packages and the cost of healthcare contribute to the financial reasons people choose to move to a new home country.

Relocating for a job

Corporate or company relocations are commonplace, and with a growing global marketplace the need for individuals to move around their international company has increased. A move abroad for work may be permanent or temporary and is often not offered with a choice of location. So in this instance, the motivating factor is the career progression attached to the move. Even so, this is a great opportunity to explore the world, new cultures, and is often seen as a sign of great respect and honour.

Even if you are not moving with a current employer, many people make the move overseas because of better opportunities (either financial, career progression, or both) available in their field overseas. For example, there is a national recruitment for doctors in Australia, which brings in hundreds of international doctors every year. Time spent working overseas is often an advantageous career experience, which will help you in your career progression.

To be with a loved one

Whether it’s to be closer to family who have always lived abroad, who’ve relocated themselves, or to be with a partner who is based in another country, those we love can heavily influence a move overseas.

And despite the ease of modern communication technology, sometimes the desire to be in the same physical location as those important to us is the reason behind a move. Interestingly, the increase in online dating may have had an impact on relocation, with more people moving to be with long distance partners than ever before.

A change of climate

Whether you are sick of the sun or bored of constant rain, we often want the exact opposite of what we have! Especially for those of us who crave more time outdoors, or are real lovers of the sea or mountains, the climate and environment can be a deciding factor in a move abroad. Some people also move to leave behind very extreme weather conditions, such as repeat tornados, monsoons, extreme heatwaves and flooding.

Changing country for the weather might seem slightly mad, but for someone with health concerns, or seeking a very specific way of life, a change in weather can make all the difference and have a hugely positive effect on their quality of life.

If you are considering or planning a move abroad, let us help. No matter what your motivation for moving, at Santa Fe Relocation we are the international moving experts who are here to support you. We make moving home easy.

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