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From the USA to India: A new adventure

With our “Santa Fe Around the World” project, we want to give our customers the opportunity to tell us more about their moving experience. Because moving to a new place can be challenging, we wanted to capture our customers’ side of their journey with us. With this series, we will be discovering their expectations, feelings and fears.

Here Bopanna takes us through the experience of moving to India with his partner; how were the decisions made and how differently they approached the relocation journey.

Where did you move from and where to? How do you feel about the experience of moving with your partner to another country?

Bopanna: We moved back to Bangalore, India from Atlanta, USA. As with all moves, we were sad to leave behind our friends and the life experiences which we had accumulated during our stint in the United States. Mona and I however have our individual feelings about moving back to India.

I for one am excited about the idea of taking a break from over 33 years in an immensely satisfying corporate life, and starting out as a full time coffee grower… from being a weekend / long distance grower through telephone calls. Moving to India this time around, both of us are devoid of the eager anticipation of life in a new country.

What were your expectations about moving to India compared to your partner’s?

Bopanna: While my expectations are well defined, having prepared for this move for a number of years, Mona’s expectations are less clear. She is moving with the flow with her main pull and draw being the new home under construction in Bangalore.

Did you work together on the move? Or did one of you manage everything?

Bopanna: Whilst we worked together to plan the move, unfortunately Mona had to do the heavy lifting at the time of packing in Atlanta, as I was tied up with work and my exit at the office during our last two weeks in Atlanta.

Why did you choose to move back to India? Were you both agreeable to the move or did one of you take more convincing? 

Bopanna: The decision, or rather the timing, was driven by my need to take a break from a long corporate life. I wanted to return home and take direct management of the coffee plantation. Mona was very supportive of the move, although it required her to make some sacrifices on her professional front. In particular, she had to move further away from clients she had developed in the United States.

Was it difficult to leave friends and family behind to start a new life together?

Bopanna: While we have left behind friends in the US, we are happy to be reunited with family back in India. Settling back in India after being away for about 13 years, with family supporting us, is a wonderful blessing.

We are now looking forward to our US friends visiting us here in India!


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