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Not celebrating Christmas?

Whilst December 25th is a day dedicated to spending invaluable time with family, exchanging thoughtful gifts and indulging in enough food to last you until the New Year, many of us don’t celebrate Christmas. It can be for a number of reasons, whether you’re not religious or if you are another religion, your family lives too far away or because you aren’t in the mood to half-halfheartedly sing Christmas carols. If mince pies hitting store shelves in early-November gets your back up, here’s how you can survive this festive season:

Get organised

If the thought of Christmas sends shivers down your spine, make the most of the day by getting organised in time for the New Year. Whether your organisation day involves collecting your tax receipts in a box or folder, throwing out old magazines you’re never going to read again or rearranging your home office or working area, anything is better than wallowing in a mountain of mince pies and waiting for the day to be over.

Be productive!

To deal with the distraction of Christmas, be productive. While the dark nights and frosty mornings might make you want to do anything but be productive, continuing to go about your daily life as an expat is ultimately the best way to keep your motivations high.

Watch a movie, or two

If you don’t feel like making the most of the day indoors getting organised, or even once you have organised your entire home from top to bottom, go to the cinema! In the UK, Odeon show more 120 screenings in cinemas on Christmas Day alone thanks to its popularity in previous years. You can catch up on all the latest movies without feeling guilty about everything else you’re supposed to be doing.


As I’m sure you can agree, Christmas is a horrible time for anyone to be alone, but luckily, there are countless volunteer opportunities to ensure no one is alone this upcoming Christmas. In fact, volunteering will very much make the Christmas you wish you never had, and it will benefit you as much as those around you at this special time of year. Whilst you might not enjoy the festivities the season has to bring, you can make someone else’s Christmas special this year by volunteering to help out at a local community centre to serve 3-course meals and assist setting up.

Get outdoors

Just because you might decide to still indulge in a 3-course dinner complete with sausage, sage and onion stuffing and roasted vegetables drizzled in oil, it doesn’t mean you can’t get outdoors and exercise. Why not embrace the cold weather and go for a brisk walk on a dog-friendly beach or admire the pretty Christmas lights at night?

While you will soon be bombarded by the sights of panicked shoppers, sound of jingling bells and smell of freshly-baked gingerbread men, depending on your new home country, celebrating Christmas as an expat is entirely your choice. Luckily, there are several ways you can make the most of the cold without hanging a curtain of warm-white fairy-lights outside your home. From volunteering to getting outdoors and making the most of the time away from the office, let us know how you plan to spend December if you’re not celebrating Christmas.

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