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Are you thinking of moving to America?

America, the United States, the Land of the Free. Whatever you call it, you can’t deny that it’s a hot destination for those of us considering relocation. The land of opportunity attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year looking to make the US their new home.

If you’re considering a move to the US, but haven’t made your mind up, let us help!
Here’s our list of the best places for relocators in the USA, based on location, job market, average salary, average home price and all-round standard of living.


If you’re looking to work in tech for an impressive multinational and soak up a historically impressive city in America, look no further. Washington State’s largest city is home to some very big businesses: Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon all call Seattle home. It also boasts some incredible surroundings. Seattle is a very green city, surrounded by water, forests and the incredible Cascade mountain range. If you like outdoor recreation, the Pacific Northwest has everything to offer. And compared to some of the other places on this list, the weather is reasonably cool so it’s a great choice if you don’t love scorching temperatures all year round.

Metropolitan population: 3.7 million
Average home price: $442,000
Average salary: $63,000
Net migration: 5.58%


They say that ‘everything’s bigger in Texas’, and the State’s biggest cities are certainly getting bigger still. The State is growing in popularity year-on-year thanks to a strong job market and great house prices. Houston is a great location thanks to its renowned culinary and culture scene. If you enjoy what’s known as “Tex-Mex” cuisine, your choices are endless. While living here, you can also experience this unique Texas tradition of “the rodeo” where livestock handling is an art form. And it boasts a very impressive salary to house price ratio. Oh, and it’s home to NASA’s astronaut training academy!

Metropolitan population: 6.6 million
Average home price: $223,000
Average salary: $53,000
Net migration: 5.91%

San Antonio

Also in Texas, San Antonio has grown in size in recent years to become the State’s second biggest city thanks to a strong rate of migration. The city attracts relocators from all over the US as well as from around the world. Located in south-central Texas, and home of the famous “Alamo”, the historical city offers new residents a strong job market set amongst a leisurely pace of life. This is the place for you if you like your BBQ food and your weather hot! Find your favourite pair of cowboy boots and enjoy!

Metropolitan population: 2.3 million
Average home price: $211,000
Average salary: $46,000
Net migration: 6.6%


Beautiful sunny weather, delectable food and a popular east coast location – Jacksonville offers new movers a home in the Floridian sun and close proximity to amazing golf resorts. The city is growing in popularity, as people from the US and overseas are attracted by the economic growth and standard of living here. Thanks to the Frowning Business district, the city’s economy and job market is experiencing a boom.

Metropolitan population: 1.4 million
Average home price: $174,000
Average salary: $46,000
Net migration: 6.88%


One of North Carolina’s biggest cities, Charlotte is an impressive mix of the old and the new. And it’s more than just the home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame: it’s fast becoming one of Americas most influential commercial hubs. Home to some big players in the financial industry (Bank of America, Wells Fargo and many venture capital players), there are plenty of impressive jobs available here too. Living here you’ll enjoy the friendliness of Southern US, combined with sophistication and beauty.

Metropolitan population: 2.4 million
Average home price: $213,000
Average salary: $50,000
Net migration: 7.06%

Las Vegas

No longer just the party and show capital of the US, Las Vegas is actually a great location for those looking to relocate to America. While the job market might be most promising for those working in entertainment, there are good jobs across all sectors available. The culinary scene in Las Vegas is incredible, with numerous Michelin star chefs opening their newest concept restaurants here. And thanks to the recession’s impact on the housing market here, there are some great rental and purchase options available to those moving into the area.

Metropolitan population: 2.1 million
Average home price: $270,000
Average salary: $44,000
Net migration: 7.3%


If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, but still enjoy a healthy and active social life, Melbourne in Florida could be for you. New movers are attracted here by the incredible coastline, the very competitive housing market and cost of living. Located southeast of the popular tourist destination Orlando, Melbourne is near Florida’s famous “Cocoa Beach”. It’s also near Port Canaveral, one of the busiest ports for cruise ships as well as the famous “Cape Canaveral” – America’s launch pad from which many of the US space expeditions are launched. The area is popular with a slightly older crowd, with the average age of residents at 47. So, if you’re looking for a leisurely place to live, could Melbourne be your new home?

Metropolitan population: 570,000
Average home price: $198,000
Average salary: $48,000
Net migration: 8.74%

If you’re looking to move to or within the US, why not let our incredible relocation team help. We have local teams on hand to take care of all your moving needs, no matter where you’re coming from or going to. With over 120 years of global relocation experience and knowledge, let us make your move to America easy.

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