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The best ways to find stability when living as an expat

Finding stability both financially and emotionally is extremely important as an expat, particularly when dealing with the culture shock of an initial move. Understanding the different ways to prepare for such a large-scale relocation, whether that’s on a work assignment, with family or as a retirement option, is one of the most efficient ways to ensure stability when arriving in a new country. In the following, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the best ways to ensure stability when living as an expat.

Financial stability

According to reports, financial stability is one of the major keys to success for expatriates. 61 percent of respondents in a study of 2,000 UK and expat investors suggest that having no financial worries is the most important factor for an expat when living in their new country. Not all expatriates are relocating as a result of work assignments. Some expatriates simply choose to retire abroad instead. Within the same report, 33 percent of working expatriates were concerned that they may not have enough money for a comfortable retirement as a result of living abroad. This is a key influence on the happiness of an expatriate and ensuring that funds are plentiful can help ensure that expatriates find stability whilst living abroad.

Emotional well-being

Another key consideration for expatriates is their emotional well-being and having a successful support network around them throughout the move. Building up strong working relationships with colleagues in the new environment and also developing friendships with those around them can help to further improve their emotional well-being, alongside ensuring that they are financially comfortable and coping well with the culture shock of the move. In fact, having good friends was voted as the third most important factor in expat confidence, at 48 percent, in the same study.

Confidence at work

One of the keyways to find stability when living as an expat is to feel confident at work. Whether on a short or long-term assignment abroad, expatriates need to have the assurance that their careers are not only going well in their new host country, but that they will also be secure upon their return when the time comes. This is an important factor for many businesses to consider and one that many expatriates will want to bear in mind prior to their move abroad. Having the stability of a job that they enjoy and have moved abroad for, for the foreseeable future, will help to ultimately ensure the employee’s happiness and well-being as well as further build their stability as an expat.

Practical accommodation

Arranging the right kind of accommodation prior to the move is one of the key factors in ensuring stability for the expatriate when they arrive in their host country. While the expat is dealing with cultural differences when they first move, having a new home all ready and waiting for them before the move happens can help to make the entire process far more seamless as well as help them to settle in much easier. Ensuring that their new home is within close commuting distance to their work and other amenities such as the local supermarket and even the schools if the move is to incorporate the entire family can all help with ensuring that the expat feels stable at the time of the move.

There are countless ways of ensuring stability as an expatriate. From guaranteeing financial stability through preparation, to simply ensuring that there is a new home ready and waiting prior to the move, understanding the right ways to approach a relocation can help to ensure both stability and overall comfort and peace of mind on the moving day.

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