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Astrology and relocation

Deciding where to live is an extremely important consideration, especially if you are considering moving abroad, which is why it might surprise you to hear than many people choose to relocate according to their element of astrology, which is based on the signs of the zodiac. Whilst some aspiring expats crave a warmer climate, relaxed way of life and are more than happy to compromise an additional bedroom, bathroom or even swimming pool when they move overseas, other people do not take any of this into consideration and instead base their move on a relocation chart in order to discover the locations which best suit their zodiac. To find out the link between astrology and relocation, and potentially find out where you should live, read on below!

Relocation Astrology – What is it?

Many people question whether relocation astrology is real or if it is just a myth. Whilst it is up to you to decide whether to believe that relocation astrology really can help identify where in the world you should be, Astrocartography techniques, on the other hand, provide a fresh perspective on how you interact with the world and help identify which directions may be most suited to you based on your star sign. For believers of the zodiac relocation astrology is used to help make the right life changing decisions.

Fire Sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius)

Traditionally associated with the white spirit, fire sign people often want to be in the centre of action, in big cities which never sleep such as Manhattan, Paris and Madrid. Manhattan, for example, boasts the ultimate fast-pace urban living that Aries, Leo and Sagittarius’ thrive living amongst. Similarly, the large Spanish city, Madrid, combines both the new and old and offers adventure, a hot climate and late-night fun. Due to the fact that fire signs like to move, each of these bustling cities offer multiple escape routes to explore areas and other cities that they may not have considered visiting before.

Earth Sign (Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo)

Unlike fire sign people that enjoy living in the centre of large tourist-filled cities, earth sign people seek places that offer lots of green, feral terrain to explore. Earth sign individuals are much better suited to living in areas off which are considered to be off the beaten track for expats, such as Prague and Venice. Both places offer inspiring architecture, famous bridges and a rich history but, most importantly, are the perfect places to live due to being full of opportunities as well as a culture which is much easier to adapt to, when compared to hotter and more exotic countries.

Air Sign (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini)

Much like earth sign people, air sign people thrive in cultural places that boast scenic views year round. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini are often drawn to lively areas where great ideas are born and refined, such as San Francisco. San Francisco is an amazing place to live, but it certainly takes some time to get used to, which is why it appeals to air sign people so much. Not only does San Francisco and neighbouring Silicon Valley offer unmissable career opportunities, but the outdoor lifestyle is difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world, offering both variety and freedom.

Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces)

Compared to air sign people, water sign people are attracted to water ways and areas located close to the sea or rivers, such as coastal towns, islands and hidden bays. Water sign people go by how they feel and are very much the most independent of the bunch, despite being pulled by personal connections. As a result of this, Barcelona is often a popular choice for the water sign, as it boasts outstanding sandy beaches (and of course, the sea), excellent culture, architecture and plenty of opportunities for work.

The link between astrology and relocation is an interesting concept for many expatriates, and some may decide to take the leap without considering much else other than their zodiac sign. Would you move abroad based on astrological sign? We want to know!

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