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A guide to the best beaches in Malaysia for expats

When you think of Malaysia, many things may come to mind. For some, it may be the rapidly growing economy and the enormous KL Petronas Twin Towers. For others it could be a steaming plate of nasi lemakand the hugely multicultural nature of the country which comes to mind. Either way, one of the best things about living in Malaysia is the easy access to some of the most stunning beaches in Southeast Asia. Malaysia offers incredible sea, sun and sand to anyone who wants to spend an afternoon simply enjoying a spectacular view.

With so many beaches on offer though, which ones are the most worth visiting? Fortunately, here at Santa Fe we know Malaysia. Our Malaysia team has put their heads together to come up with a list of our top 5 beaches which you simply must visit when moving to Malaysia.


Redang is one of the largest islands off the east coast of Malaysia. Its turquoise water and white sand beaches help make it one of the most popular beaches in the country. On one hand this means tourists, but on the other hand this means a high level of infrastructure. Transport on and off the island is both easy and convenient, and with s endless stretches of sand to enjoy, it’s hard to feel that the island is crowded, even with tourists kicking about.



Borneo is technically shared between Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, but all this means to us is more culture to enjoy. If diving is a hobby of yours then Borneo is going to be somewhere you’re guaranteed to fall in love with. Even if you’re not fond of the idea of breathing underwater, there’s plenty which Borneo has to offer, including several nature reserves and national parks. And there are perfect golden sand beaches which back up onto picturesque jungles which are impossible not to enjoy.

The Perhentian Islands

The Perhentian islands just north of Redang are incredibly popular with budget travellers, offering beach huts and unspoilt beaches. It’s also a great place for try diving or earn your scuba certification. The beaches here are very popular though, so make sure you time your trip to these islands just right if you want to avoid the rush.

Rawa Island

For some, Rawa Island holds the ultimate beach experience in Malaysia. Fine white sand, impeccable waters, a backpacker lodge and a 4-star eco resort are all you’ll find on Rawa. No shops, no flights, no ferries – just privacy, nature and beaches.



Arguably Malaysia’s best-known beach destination, Langkawi offers diverse landscapes for all to enjoy. With beaches, mountains, rainforests and wetlands, this 99 island archipelago has a wealth of things to see and do. We recommend you take the cable car up to Gunung Mat Chinchang and walk across the Sky Bridge. With stunning views across the water to Thailand and potentially a cure to your fear of heights, (it’s called the Sky Bridge for a reason,) this area hold a lot of appeal for thrill seekers out there. If you’re happier with feet on solid ground, there’s the Laman Padi Rice Garden, the Underwater World aquarium and Oriental Village’s cultural shows to enjoy.

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