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What dangerous animals may you encounter on your relocation to South Africa?

South Africa is known for its natural beautiful scenery, and its vast amounts of protected land which is filled with wildlife. When people visit the country however unfortunately many miss the rich diversity of interesting wildlife that co-habits with the locals. There are plenty of insects and animals in South Africa, some harmless and others rather dangerous; however with some knowledge to prepare you, you will be fine.


Although you may think Cape Town is the last place you would expect to see hippos it isn’t. If you do want to see these creatures then the hippos live in Rondevlei Nature reserve and are best viewed in the early morning or late in the afternoon during colder months. Not only are hippos one of the largest South African animals they are also the most dangerous.

Black and Brown Button Spiders

These are the most dangerous spiders that can be found, however bites are rare as they use webs to catch their prey. The black is the more potent but they can be difficult to spot; you may encounter less venomous brown variety when you move to South Africa. The bite is painful, and there can be many symptoms including sweating, slurred speech and extreme restlessness, however there have been no deaths recorded from these spider bites in well over 60 years. If this happens seek medical treatment immediately, once treated you will begin to feel better within the hour.


Chacma baboons are often a common occurrence and problem in Cape Town; they are extremely strong and agile as well as aggressive. They have be known to enter cars and homes if they are able to, as they have opposable thumbs which means they can easily open unlatched windows and unlocked doors. The City of Cape Town’s Environmental Management share advice on how to handle baboons if spotted, the first is to never feed them, and make sure all food is out of reach, as well as rubbish.  Also never leave a room or your car unattended and ensure all windows and doors are locked.


These creatures are commonly known as ‘The Black Death’ as the African buffalo is widely regarded as a very dangerous animal as they have been known to kill nearly 200 people each year. This rate is only high as they are notorious among big game hunters as dangerous animals, and wounded buffalos have been reported to ambush and attack pursuers.

Great White Shark

These are magical creatures that dominate the sea, and although many fear them they aren’t the deadliest animal to live in South Africa. According to the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board, South African shark attack records over the last four decades confirm that attacks are actually incredibly rare, with an average of six incidents per year. Since the 1990s only 26 per cent of attacks have resulted in serious injury, and 15 per cent were fatal. With this data that means on average there is one serious shark inflicted fatality every year along 2000KM of coastline from the Mozambique border to Table Bay. If you want to get a closer look at these creatures then you can experience shark cage diving.


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