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International schools across the globe

When it comes to moving abroad with children by your side, identifying the top international school in your area is a priority. But, with so many other factors to consider as a part of the relocation process, it can be easy to dismiss the importance of finding the very best international school for your child in advance. With many of these schools having waiting lists which can be as long as 12 months (and in some cases, even longer!) it is important to ensure that this part of the relocation process is arranged long before you make the move, to ensure that the move has no negative implications on your child’s education. Fortunately, here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’ve done some research to help you to get started. Here’s what we found when it comes to the top international schools across the globe:

Tanglin Trust School, Singapore

Even though students must be able to speak English fluently in order to be accepted into the Tanglin Trust Schoolfound in Singapore, it’s an excellent standard when it comes to international schools. As you may have already assumed, the Tanglin Trust School boasts a very British feel. Despite this, the school has a faultless academic reputation and is perfect for those that are interested in pursuing a career in performing arts, with 95% of students obtaining GCSE A*-C grades in 2006. Complete with a swimming pool and outdoor playing field, this school is the perfect option for those who enjoy sport also.

International School of Geneva, Switzerland

If you’re moving to Switzerland, then you may want to consider the International School of Geneva. The International School of Geneva has an excellent reputation and consists of three separate campuses, including a castle hidden in the countryside! Mountain views aside, the International School of Geneva welcomes more than 3,750 students representing over 120 nationalities, and at secondary school, these students get the opportunity to study French, English or both. What’s more, this school is keen to tackle global issues, taking the education industry to an entirely new level.

St. Paul’s School, Brazil

St. Paul’s School, located in Brazil, is considered to be one of the leading British schools found in Latin America. Alongside its brilliant academic reputation, St. Paul’s school offers a relatively challenging environment for students, meaning that many move-on to study at some of the top universities across the globe. The campus itself is large and offers everything your child could need. Despite the high tuition fees, in 2006, the IGCSE A*-C pass rate sat at 94.3%, making it one of the top performing schools in the area.

St. Christopher’s, Bahrain

When it comes to the top international schools in the Middle East, St. Christopher’s located in Bahrain is known as one of the best. With a predominantly British feel, this school is perfect for individuals who are looking to settle into their new home quickly. Complete with a swimming pool and reputable sixth-form centre, the campus is sure to impress the young and the old within your family and with 92% of the students obtaining A*-C in GCSE last year, sending your child here is certainly worth the money. What’s more, with the opportunity to study media and business, PE and even psychology here, this school offers your child numerous career routes that are sure to make a lasting impression when you first visit.

These are just some of the best international schools around the world, and with plenty of options available in every country, which feature excellent standards, you can be certain that you will find the best school for your children no matter where you’re relocating to.

If you are planning to move abroad and you would like to find out more information on how our experts can help make the move from A to B simple, get in touch with a member of our expert team, today.

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