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Ukraine crisis | International moving update 9 June 2022

There are no significant changes in Ukraine at the moment. Our team in Kyiv remains fully operational and continues to provide the best possible services for our customers in the region. Our warehouse has not been affected by the war.


It is rumoured that all shipments to and from Russia will soon be subject to 100% customs inspection throughout Europe. So far, this information has not been verified but we see Holland have started to take measures. Trucking is still possible, but the arrival date at destinations in Europe is very unpredictable due to the long queues at border crossings.

Santa Fe Moscow has been working incredibly hard to maintain the high-quality relocation services expected of Santa Fe Relocation. They are doing everything possible to meet the requested packing dates. And they are working closely with the customs office to ensure they get the best solution for export customs clearance if the shipper is no longer in Russia.

Full trucks and full-loaded vans are the only options for direct shipments or groupage shipments via our Santa Fe Amsterdam bonded warehouse. The shortage of empty containers at the loading port is still causing significant delays. And air freight costs continue to rise, mainly because all airlines have now switched to using rubles as the main currency.

We’re here to help!

As always, our top priority is to ensure the safety of our customers and employees during the delivery of services. Please get in touch with your local Santa Fe Relocation representative or email to discuss how we can assist you with your relocation requirements.

Santa Fe Relocation is actively monitoring this situation and is adapting to help you and your assignees. We will keep you aware of any further developments.


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