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Tips for expats

New Year resolutions are almost always cliché. After all, when was the last time you set a New Year resolution you stuck to? For many, thinking of New Year resolutions is just a fad, and two weeks into the New Year they may have already given up on their lifelong dream. To mix it up, here are our top 5 unusual expat resolutions for 2018.

Learn a new language

Having moved abroad and left your family and friends behind, just because you’re living the chic life in Australia or relaxed way of life in Spain doesn’t mean you should ignore learning the language (or any language for that matter!) Not only is learning a new language rewarding, but it can encourage you to visit places you’d never have dreamed before. Incredibly, more than 437 million people speak Spanish in the world; that’s 437 million more people you could potentially engage with! So, not matter your age, set out to learn a new language in 2018! You never know where else it could take you. If you’re looking for something unusual, try learning Japanese, or even Latin!

Make the effort to keep in touch

When we embark on adventures overseas, we often forget the time, so what feels like a few days to us can be a slow week for your family, relatives and friends. In 2018, make a conscious effort to keep in touch whether it is via a Facebook status update, a quick text, call or email explaining your plans for the day and when you are next contactable to minimise worry and concern back home. A little bit of a different resolution to your usual promise of the gym, but an important one nonetheless.


It’s not unusual to feel different from the tourists wandering around your new hometown who will soon return to their home country. Don’t forget that all the adventure-ridden activities, stunning sights and fun attractions are still open to you! While getting into a local’s mind-set can help you settle into your new environment, you should still take the time to visit popular attractions no matter where you are in the world, whether it be the London Eye, the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or Alcatraz in San Francisco. This New Year, we challenge you to visit a major attraction in your new hometown! Share with us on social your experience.

Work/life balance

By far, this is our favourite resolution here at Santa Fe! Finding the perfect work/life balance is crucial. While it doesn’t compare to the standard ‘eat less chocolate’ New Year resolution we promise ourselves year on year, finding that all important work/life balance is just as much of a resolution as sticking to a strict diet.

Skills & hobbies

As well as exploring the culture and tourism or your new hometown, you should undertake new hobbies and make the most of the New Year to learn a new skill. Adding activities and skills to your resume instead of cutting out the ‘fun’ stuff is becoming a common occurrence, and luckily for you, living abroad doesn’t affect this. From taking up photography, baking, gardening, woodworking or even origami, there’s plenty to try overseas!

Setting yourself up for success in your new home involves sticking to your New Year resolutions, no matter how tempting it is to stop by the churros stand on the corner. Instead of hiding away in your new home unaware of life outside your comfort zone, try that weird speciality dish you once refused to try and visit that popular landmark you keep rescheduling at the back of your diary.

If you’re set to become an expat in the New Year, and you’re looking for extra support, contact a member of our expert team today.

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