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Foreign citizens who have obtained Italian residence (town hall registration) are compulsory to register in Italy, within 3 months of obtaining residence, the vehicles they own with foreign license plate.

Foreign citizens residing abroad will be able to circulate in Italy with vehicles on foreign plates for a maximum duration of one year.

The drivers who is residing in Italy but not owners of the vehicles (e.g. tenants, leasing or rental, borrowers, etc.),must always carry onboard a dated document of the vehicle (in addition to the foreign vehicle registration document), signed by the vehicle owner, indicating in which title and the duration they will use the vehicle in Italy.

Starting from March 21st 2022, all cars with foreign license plates circulating in Italy are obliged to register in Foreign Vehicle Register “Reve

  1. This obligation is borne by those who use the vehicle: Citizens (Italians or foreigners) residing in Italy, who, have vehicles in the name of natural or legal persons with residence / headquarters in a foreign country for a period of more than 30 days, even if not continuous, in the calendar year.
  2. Vehicles registered abroad, owned by subordinate workers, who carry out their work at a company based in a neighboring / neighboring State with Italy, or self-employed workers who have the headquarters of their professional activity at one neighboring / neighboring state (so-called “frontier”). Registration must be made within 60 days from the date of purchase of the vehicle.
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Please take into consideration that the above information is in accordance with current legislation, but Santa Fe can investigate all the different cases and can offer the best and compliant advice.

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