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What are the best countries in the world for press freedom?

Journalism can be a tough career to get into, due to the number of hurdles to cross and the stereotypes surrounding journalism as a whole. However, with a number of countries offering higher levels of journalistic freedom expats are flocking to neighbouring countries to pursue a career in journalism without boundaries and express their creative freedom to inform the masses. Within this article, we are going to look at some of the best countries in the world for press freedom.

New Zealand

Whilst New Zealand is known for its great working and living conditions for expats, they are also one of the best places to live if you’re looking to pursue a career in journalism. The country is currently ranked 8th in the world as of 2018 for press freedom and is one of the best for journalists reporting freely on pressing issues.

Since the passing of the information legislation in 1982, press freedom has been considered a constitutional right in New Zealand and since then has seen a number of individuals express that right in the form of controversial news articles and publications.

In addition to the individual and privately owned media outlets that operate in New Zealand, there are 3 that are still state-owned (TVNZ, Radio New Zealand and Maori Television) which report on government issues and other news, however, due to them being state-owned many see them as bias to one point of view. Despite this these outlets make up around 48% of all newspaper circulation.

This competitive sector is ideal for those looking to join the career as there are a number of opportunities for those new to the career as well as those with multiple years of experience.


Switzerland is already known to many as the ideal destination for expats in terms of working conditions and annual living wage. However, it is also one of the best in terms of the freedom that you get as a journalist. Currently ranked 5th in the world as of 2018 for their journalist freedom there are a number of reasons to consider pursuing this career here.

For those that love the thrill of journalism, there are also a number of other benefits such as a competitive average wage of 82K per year.  You will also receive payment for overtime, as well as other benefits such as insurance allowing you to report and earn in no time at all.


In addition to being a country that is welcoming to those that are living and working here from abroad, Jamaica also has a positive attitude when it comes to journalistic freedom. It is currently ranked 8th in the world for the freedom of press and the way that journalists are treated.

Although the country only has very limited media sector a grand total of 5 news outlets (television Jamacia, The Gleaner, Jamaican Observer, CVM-TV and Nationwide News Network)  collecting and broadcasting information there is mutual respect between the media and government officials. . Although this limited business sector can make finding a job here much more difficult, this journalistic freedom has led to the increase in this sector with more and more businesses beginning to report in these pressing issues and opening up a number of job opportunities as a result.

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