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Why are people moving out of cities?

With so many people making the conscious decision to move out of cities and into smaller towns, you may be wondering whyIn the UK especially, a great exodus is afoot with almost 94,500 people making the move to the countryside between 2016 and 2017. Trends are not too dissimilar in the US and other countries around the world either. From escaping the noise to the chance to leave the traffic congestion behind, we’re taking a closer look at why a large number of people are abandoning life in the city.

Improved health & well-being

With reports in 2017 suggesting that living in a city could seriously damage your health, improved health and wellbeing is one key factor behind this moving trend. When living in a city, you are exposed to higher levels of air and noise pollution, not to mention the stress of living in a constantly crowded area. In the search for a healthier environment, moving out of cities promises better air quality meaning you are reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular related problems. And the additional space, time outdoor and outdoor pursuits are all contributing factors to improved mental well being.

Avoiding Traffic

In a city environment, it’s almost impossible to avoid traffic. And we doubt anyone enjoys rush hour commutes, or hours spent on trains, metros and buses trying to beat the crowds into work. With commutes becoming more packed than ever before, with growing metropolitan populations, travel and traffic is busier and more stressful than ever before. So it’s no wonder that a rising number of us are heading to quieter areas away from the hustle and bustle.

Noise reduction

If you’ve ever gone on a countryside escape and returned to the city a week later, you’ll have noticed the difference in noise levels. It’s not just sirens and car horns making up the noise though, as there are numerous other contributors to the sounds we hear around us each day with construction work being one of the loudest contributors. New York is a particularly loud city with noise levels ranging from 101 decibels at Astor Place Subway to 54 decibels in Central Park.

With urban noise pollution reaching ever higher, many city dwellers are looking to move away to find their own slice of peace and quiet. This is especially true for those with children, especially young babies, and those reaching retirement age. However  Zurich, Vienna, Oslo, Munich and Stockholm are all considered the world’s quietest cities, so there’s still hope for those wanting to live peacefully in an urban cityscape!

Safety concerns

One of the biggest reasons for people moving to the countryside and away from the main cities is due to safety. While there are some cities in the world which rank as the deadliest as a result of the high homicide rates (with Los Cabos in Mexico taking the top spot), safety is a key concern for many who live in some of the world’s busiest cities.

For most people, the overall crime rate in their area is a concern. Looking at the 2018 mid-year crime rate index, we can see that while Japan, Qatar, Singapore and United Arab Emirates remain some of the safest countries with low crime rates in the world, Venezuela, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, and South Africa’s crime rates are some of the highest.  Due to the higher population levels in major cities, crime rate is often much higher than in the countryside. And this factor encourages hundreds of thousands of people to move every year, to a quieter and safer life in the countryside.


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