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Moving overseas

Despite what many employers are led to believe, it is not only the money that is motivating Americans to relocate overseas. This leads many to wonder why an increasing number of Americans are choosing to live and work abroad, and which countries they are heading to. Here at Santa Fe Relocation, we’re taking a closer look into the potential reasons why a rising number of Americans are moving to Germany, Mexico and Costa Rica to work, aside from the opportunity for increased earning potential.


Germany is one of the top places for Americans to move abroad to for work and despite the rumours; this is not to earn a higher wage. While engineering and manufacturing job roles pay well in America and skilled employees are well sought after, these are two of the top industries in Germany, making it an attractive country for those wanting to pursue a career in either of these sectors.

Compared to the United States, 79% of expatriates believe that their household income is adequate in Germany, which explains why 20% of expatriates living here are in fact American, while just 11% of expatriates there are British. With a fantastic work-life balance, a growing economy and an admirable cost of living, it is no wonder that a rising number of Americans are choosing to head to Europe for work.


Despite the unmissable lifestyle in Germany, American expatriates are also moving abroad to Mexico to work. Not only did the country make the top five in three rankings including ease of settling in, cost of living and personal finance, but the Mexico ranked number one in the personal happiness subcategory. Due to this, it is no surprise that 14% of expatriates moved to the country for a better quality of life. As well as the opportunity to earn more money in Mexico, 80% of expatriates also revealed that they considered the cost of living to be a major benefit.

Costa Rica

Germany and Mexico aside, Costa Rica is yet another popular country among American expatriates. Despite the opportunity to earn a higher wage, there are a number of other reasons why a rising number of Americans move here. To start with, Costa Rica is said to be in the top 10 for quality of life for expats, family life and ease of settling in, automatically making the country a serious competitor. In addition, the country is number one in the finding-friends category, which is a crucial consideration for those moving abroad. Not only is this because many are worried that they will be unable to make new friends in a country other than their own, but it can impact how well they settle in and their experience.

There are several benefits of working abroad and although it does offer the chance to earn more money, American expatriates are moving overseas for a better career, lifestyle and to expand their network.

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