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Benefits of a diversified workforce in a company

In light of the Cultural Diversity Day celebrate on May 21st, we’ve been looking into the impact of a diverse workforce on the overall performance and profitability of your company. In 120 years of providing relocation services we’ve seen the benefits of moving your workforce, expanding into new countries, and employing a diverse mix of employees first hand. It’s how we’ve grown to have offices in 47 countries, and how we’ve helped all our corporate clients to grow their businesses. But how could a diverse workplace help your business grow?

Language skills help you reach new business

The more languages spoken and cultures understood amongst your workforce, the more customers you can reach, understand, and delight. A broader workforce means that you have the right person at hand to speak with a new customer, and in their first language. This kind of personalised service, and ease of communication cannot be overvalued. A more diverse workforce is going to open doors to new business and make you more profitable.

‘Fresh eyes’ increase creativity

When your workforce has all experienced the same culture, education and career trajectory, you cannot blame them for lacking ‘new’ creative ideas and solutions. It can be hard to think in new ways or create a new solution to a problem when the whole team is drawing from the same knowledge and experiences. By increasing the types of education, cultural representation, and experience in your workforce, you create a more creative work space. More creativity ultimately leads to better solutions and more customer pleasing deliverable.

New ways of working equals increased productivity

When you open the doors to new ways of working, allowing members of staff to think critically about how to improve processes, you increase productivity. Solution finding and problem solving comes quicker and easier to teams with a variety of backgrounds and experience.

The more diverse your workforce, the more things they have experienced and seen implemented. This experience is invaluable and leads to increased company profit. The financial benefits of such diversity are seen to drip down from the top, so make sure your senior staff members represent a diverse world population.

Increased reputation attracts new candidates

A diverse workplace is the clearest factor of proof that shows your workplace and work practice does not discriminate. And this attracts top talent. The global workforce invests in companies who are diverse and operate without discrimination. So if you want to attract the top talent, from all over the world, show them what kind of globally representative team they could be joining.

Better insight into your customers

When your workforce is more representative of your customer base, you gain real customer insight. The more opinions, life experiences and cultures your workforce represents, the more customer focused your business can be. Why limit yourself: a more diverse workforce can let you know how, what and where your customers are, what they want, and how to best deliver that to them.

Diversity creates a more cohesive, inclusive workplace

Research has shown that a more diverse workforce increases the feeling of inclusivity. This, in turn creates a more cohesive workplace which allows people to be more free to collaborate, share their thoughts and ideas, and increases productivity and engagement. You can get the best out of every member of your team by simply diversifying the workplace.

Is it time for more diversity in your company practice?


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