Pre-move consultation

We’re not like other companies when it comes to moving your belongings. We know that it’s much more than just belongings going to your new home: it’s your entire life, so it’s important to us that we get it right.

We’ll begin every moving journey with a pre-move consultation. It’s our opportunity to do a top-to-bottom assessment of everything that needs to be moved, and to walk you through the entire process.

Benefits of our pre-move consultation

  • Detailed room-by-room listing of your items, so nothing gets missed
  • Confirmation of items to be moved
  • Advance agreement on method of transportation (air, sea, or overland)
  • Opportunity to decide whether any storage is needed
  • Useful when preparing your protection insurance valuation list
  • Multilingual report provided, if necessary

What to expect from your consultation?

Your Move Specialist will visit you in your home to carry out your pre-move consultation. They’ll walk you through the moving process, explaining what you can expect at every step of the way. You’ll discuss the estimated volume and weight of your belongings, the expected transit time, and any special requirements you have.

Pre-move survey

During their visit, your Move Specialist will walk through each room with you, so you can point out every item that neesd to be moved.

They’ll assess the logistics for moving day, looking at essentials like:

  • Is there parking space outside your house for our vans?
  • Will our moving vans need parking permits?
  • Do our moving experts need to bring ladder lifts, or a stair carry?

You’ll be given a detailed report with all the items to be moved and, shortly after the consultation, you’ll be sent your moving quotation.

Nothing gets left behind when you move with us, whether you’re moving locally or to a brand new country. Get your free moving quote today.

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