Santa Fe Relocation Environmental policy

Environmental policy

Santa Fe is an environmentally responsible employer. The company is dedicated to minimising its impact on the environment by exercising its control and influence over the various aspects of its business. Santa Fe is committed to conducting its activities to reflect best environmental practice and working towards continual improvement in reducing waste, preventing pollution, and limiting the consumption of natural resources.

Understanding our impact

Santa Fe aims to understand the effect it has on the environment. Santa Fe will do all possible to indentify and control its environmental aspects and impacts.

Management & control

Santa Fe maintains clear and tangible plans, allocating resources and responsibilities in order to achieve targets The company is fully committed to ensuring its environmental management systems meet ISO 14001 accreditation requirements and will strive to maintain its formal registration to the standard.

Targeted reductions

Santa Fe sets meaningful targets to continually improve on environmental performance and the environmental management system. Targets must be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timed.


  • Santa Fe will comply with all relevant environmental legislation, and the company’s own Corporate Social Responsibility standards and targets.
  • Santa Fe will maintain a framework to set, implement and review environmental objectives which will enable the company to measure and improve its environmental performance.
  • Santa Fe will apply best practices to ensure the prevention of pollution.
  • Santa Fe will take positive action to identify, manage and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Santa Fe will purchase from sustainable sources whenever possible and buy recycled products where quality is not compromised and environmental impact is not increased.
  • Santa Fe will actively promote the “reduce, re-use, recycle” message both internally, and to customers and suppliers.

Stakeholder involvement

Santa Fe realises that the success of its environmental policy requires the involvement of its stakeholder groups, including staff and the backing of senior management, in order to maximise the possibility of change.

Santa Fe will influence and support staff and stakeholders to commit to this process, and we encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to adopt the same responsible behaviours and will assist clients and customers to reduce the environmental impact of their relocations.


Issue date 16/05/2019

Owner: Logistics 

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