Samuel Mergui

Chief Executive Officer

Samuel Mergui was appointed the CEO of Santa Fe Relocation in 2024 by the Mobilitas Group. He has a diverse background in strategic development, mergers and acquisitions, and business development. Samuel played a crucial role in shaping the future of the Mobilitas Group’s diverse divisions, including Move/Relocation, Records Management and Heritage, by implementing innovative growth strategies and an operational emphasis on excellence in all aspects of service delivery.

Samuel’s career with the Mobilitas Group began in 2006 as part of the Internal Audit team, where he conducted financial and operational audits for the Group’s European and African branches. His work led to the implementation of new processes, improving the operational efficiency and financial stability of the Group.

Joining the Mobilitas Group’s M&A Division in 2010, Samuel was involved in key acquisitions, including Pelichet in Switzerland and Froesch in Germany. His role in these strategic acquisitions highlighted his aptitude for identifying and executing growth opportunities.

Samuel’s career at the Mobilitas Group took on a new direction in 2013 after the acquisition of CSE by Executive Relocations in France. He played a key role in the Relocation Division and was pivotal in integrating and enhancing the relocation services offered by the Group. This showcased his adaptability and contribution to the company’s growth.

In 2015, Samuel was entrusted with the international development of the Records Management Division. He spearheaded expansion efforts across Europe, Africa and Asia, showcasing his ability to drive business success on a global scale.

Before being appointed CEO, Samuel oversaw business development across all Mobilitas divisions. He demonstrated his expertise in identifying and nurturing growth opportunities by expanding the Heritage Division through the Memorist brand. Since 2021, he has served on the Management Board of the Mobilitas Group.

When asked about his most significant professional achievement, Samuel mentioned he played an important role in driving the Mobilitas Group’s growth through strategic acquisitions and the development of new business divisions. His leadership in expanding the Records Management Division and the Heritage Division through the Memorist brand stands as a testament to his strategic vision and commitment to excellence.

The best piece of leadership advice Samuel ever received was to empower his team, trust in their abilities and lead by example. He believes that success is not just about the decisions you make but also about the culture you foster. Samuel never asks someone to do something he does not know how to do himself; he knows from personal experience how to do the job, yet he values the input of others and knows when to delegate and trust that the work will be done to his standard.

Outside of work, Samuel enjoys spending quality time with his family and always appreciates a good CrossFit workout with his friends. His passion for diversity and learning extends beyond the corporate world.

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