Business Traveller Tool

Our Business Travel Tool (BTT) is a proven solution for helping businesses and their employees manage the immigration, social security and tax compliance risk of business travel.

The essential tool for compliant business travel

The technology is a direct response to the growth in the business traveller population, and the requirement of businesses to be able to implement robust policies for immigration, social security and tax compliance in an increasingly complex and heavily regulated environment. More recently, in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have added new innovative additions to our solution which gives up to date information and advice on COVID-19 related border closures, testing and vaccination entry requirements as well as quarantine periods where applicable.

It’s been designed to help reduce the cost and effort associated with this activity: our 2019 Global Mobility Survey shows Global Mobility professionals spend 50% of their time on immigration and tax compliance activities detracting from other important work.

BTT applies to organisations wishing to support their business travellers to remain immigration and tax compliant. The challenge without such a tool is that HR and the business traveller will typically either take an excessive amount of time completing a manual process or miss some of the immigration and tax questions altogether, creating both a practical and corporate compliance risk.

Detailing the compliance challenge

As most travellers who have sought work or residency permission from a foreign immigration authority can confirm, the actual process usually proves well documented and easy to follow. The process for business travel is less straightforward. It is complicated by a lack of consistent definition between one country and another as to what constitutes ‘business travel’. If you get it wrong, the consequences can be both expensive and long-lasting.


  • High profile reputational damage which can affect future visa requests from company.
  • Employee dissatisfaction and a lack of trust.
  • Budgetary risk and unexpected financial penalties.
  • Permanent Establishments being created unwittingly.
  • The risk of prosecution and legal costs, refusal of future visa applications.
  • Employment law risk.


  • Real-time automated pre-trip assessment of visa/work permit requirements for 88 countries. (more can be added on request)
  • Passport and visa validity monitoring and automated expiry alerts.
  • IOS/Android smartphone app—also accessible via any internet portal.
  • Location services—allowing trip/traveller tracking.
  • National and state level (where relevant) tax monitoring and alerting for 160 countries.
  • 24/7 live chat support with 99.8% system availability.
  • Full suite of customisable reports and visualisation tools for HR.
  • Commercially attractive terms including significant discounts for scale.
  • Single price per user per year. Free licences for HR admin.
  • GDPR compliant and can be integrated to other digital platforms like travel or expense solutions.

Reducing the risk of non-compliance

BTT from Santa Fe Immigration is an innovative risk and compliance management system that enables HR and global mobility teams to mitigate immigration, tax and social security regulations for business travellers, globally.

The logic in the technology is based on both best practice, international tax treaty data and Santa Fe Immigration’s expertise in making the visa process simple and easy as possible for your users to navigate. Indeed, the tool was designed and developed in co-ordination with our own in-house team of immigration lawyers and experts.

The result is a range of capabilities that can be relied upon to keep your employees fully compliant with local visa, employment and tax laws.

The benefits

  • Introduces automated assessments—crafted by immigration and global mobility experts.
  • Reduces the risk of costly non-compliance fines and penalties.
  • Enables tracking of business traveller movement via manual entry of trips or GPS.
  • Pro-active alerts issued in advance of passports/visas expiring.
  • At the end of a business trip, a record of the trip can be downloaded for country tax reporting should the need arise.
  • Pro-active alerts issues in the event of a taxable event.
  • Supports extensive, customisable reporting with a range of visualisation tools.
  • Integrates to your HR and travel booking system and to our dedicated in-house immigration lawyers and experts.
  • Reduces time and effort needed to manage traveller compliance.


BTT offers you an automated solution to conduct personalised business traveller risk assessments in real time— immigration and tax— for an individual, journey by journey basis.

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